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What if the live-action cast was 100% French?

The announcement of a live-action cast for One Piece caused quite a stir some time ago. So, almost 7 years after the release of the live-action Attack on Titan movie, a question popped into our minds: what would the cast of the live-action movie be like if it had been filmed in France? We’ll reveal it to you without further delay (sometimes with a little hint of the second degree).

1) Livaï / fabien wolfrom

Comment: We hope to please the entire Levi fan base with this choice.

2) Armin / Fertile Fish?

Comment: Hearing Armin say something like “Hello my little goldfish, today we’re learning what’s on the other side of our bowl wall” would be priceless.

3) Mikasa / Meervakth

4) Eren Jaeger / Timothee Chalamet

5) Gabi / Kim

Comments: Aside from being a similar height, a reality TV contestant, Kim knew how to draw the wrath of the French (particularly after declaring amid the coronavirus pandemic, “What matters in my life is that my loved ones are I’m in good health and that I’m armored. You’re going to get your little shitty life back after the coronavirus and work all day for minimum wage to pay your bills. Me, I could break anywhere I want, in the Maldives.” ) Yes Kim could very well play the role of Gaby They both have a knack for getting into trouble.

6) Falko / Michou

Comment: We were looking for the most loving man in France for the role of Falco. If other candidates want to apply for the role, they have to pass a duck test. Prepare flowers and chocolates for pouring.

7) Victory / Antoine Daniel

8) Hansi / Zaz

Comment: There is a certain nonchalance and passion in these two personalities. Love, joy and titans in short, but very little good humor on Hansi’s side at the moment.

9) Sasha/Emma Mackey

10) Erwin / Jonas Block

11) Reiner / Zerator

Comment: It was necessary to highlight this love for glasses once and for all.

12) History / baghera jones

13) Annie / Adele Haenel

Comment: In the film Les Combattants, Adèle Haenel manages very well to push away her fellow human beings and survive. She would have embodied Annie perfectly in live action.

14) Connie / Henry trans

15) Jean / Benjamin Pavard

Comment: is never there when you expect it and is always there when you don’t expect it. Can bring home the trophy after a single well-played game.

16) Pixis / Laurent Baffie

Comment: wondering if they aren’t modeled on the same pattern!

17) Peak / Elodie Yung

18) Bertholt / Seb Fries

And you, for your part, which French personality would you see in a 100% French live-action cast for Attack on Titan? We’ll let you answer this question via our comments section! And if you’re also a Levi fan, don’t hesitate to consult our previous article on the 10 details you certainly don’t know about the character.


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