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What if the casting had been done by Netflix?

Last week we suggested you discover an article: “What if the casting of Avengers had been done by Netflix?”. Many of you have reacted to this humorous article, so we suggest you do a casting for The Lord of the Rings 100% Netflix Actors today. As a reminder, the selection criteria are as follows: the actors or actresses must either look a bit like the original actor or have a similar character or… Be the complete opposite, since the Netflix platform is known to emphasize inclusion in its programs, before promoting actors from different backgrounds and many actresses at the same time. As you can imagine, some male characters are destined to become female in this Netflix casting… We begin without further delay!

1) Aragorn / Cheyenne Jackson (American horror story)

2) Sauron / Henry Cavill (the witcher)

Comment: Ideal for a very badass Sauron. And playing the role of a villain for once changes that.

3) Frodo Baggins / Cole Sprouse (Riverdale)

4) arwen / kate siegel (the haunting of bly manor)

5) Legolas / Miguel Herran (La Casa de Papel)

Commentary: Many netizens noticed during the broadcast of the different series of La Casa de Papel that Miguel Herran (aka Rio) looks a bit like an elf, even an elf. Is it his slightly pointed ears? In any case, according to the public vote, he could have made a good Legolas.

6) Galadriel / Kimiko Glenn (Orange is the new black)

Comment: Galadriel, played by Cate Blanchett, has one of those almost angelic beauties that we find in actress Kimiko Glenn.

7) Bilbo Baggins / Katy Bates (American horror story)

Commentary: Our Bilbo could have been adapted as a female character and we can well envision Kathy Bates for the role.

8) Gimli / Anupam Tripathi (Squid Game)

Comment: a Gimli of Pakistani origin for Gimli, one thinks of it. The actor enjoyed a flurry of rave reviews after Squid Game, and he could have been very lovable as Gimli, too.

9) saruman / colm feore (sir reginald hargreeves in the umbrella academy)

10) Boromir / Daniel Kaluuya (Black Mirror)

Comment: The actor previously played the role of W’Kabi in Black Panther, the former security chief of the Gate tribe of Wakanda. The actor is used to having to wield weapons for his various roles.

11) elrond / Allen Leech (Abbey in the city center)

Comment: We shave the beard, we let the hair grow, and it is neither seen nor recognized.

12) Gandalf / Victoria Hamilton (the crown)

Comment: As part of a role distribution, the Netflix platform could have decided to change the role of Gandalf into Gandalf. And Victoria Hamilton would have been perfect for the role.

13) Eowyn / Madelyn Cline (outer banks)

14) gollum / henry thomas (haunted hill house)

Commentary: There’s a little leeway in the shape of Andy Serkis’ face… So Henry Thomas could also have embodied the emblematic character of Gollum, in our opinion.

15) Sam Gamegie / Sean Astin (stRANGER THINGS)

Commentary: We strongly believe that Sean Patrick Astin would have been chosen from any possible world in the multiverse to play Sam Gamegie. And with the actor appearing in Stranger Things, there’s no doubt that the Netflix platform would have cast him in The Lord of the Rings as well. A stroke of fate.

16) Hiking Hat / Harry Kirton (Peaky Blinders)

Comment: Here is a proposal from young Pippin that does not leave us indifferent.

17) brandybuck meriadoc / Thomas Brodie-Sangster (queen game)

18) eomer / Joel Kinnaman (altered carbon)

19) Faramir / Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education)

Comment: With Daniel Kaluuya playing his big brother, Ncuti Gatwa could have become legendary.

And you, which actor known from the Netflix platform would you have recommended for the role of a character from Lord of the Rings? We’ll let you answer this question via our comments section! Speaking of Lord of the Rings, if you want to discover the very first teaser of the Amazon series, you can find it in our previous article.


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