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What if the Avengers cast was made by Netflix?

Perhaps you’ve ever wondered what MCU films would have looked like with a completely different cast. Today we offered ourselves for a little game: imagine the casting of the Avengers if the latter had been done by Netflix. We know the Netflix platform is about inclusion. Male characters as presented to us could thus become female characters (as is sometimes the case in comics), and actors of diverse nationalities were able to enter this Marvel universe re-controlled by Netflix. And it could look like this:

1) Steve Rogers / Evan Peters (American horror story)

Comment: We are beginning to know the principle of the multiverse. So imagine the X-Men’s Peter Maximoff, whose actor appeared in WandaVision and plays the new Captain America in a Netflix-Marvel collab. Unlikely, but satisfying enough to imagine.

2) Tony Stark / Oona Chaplin (Black Mirror)

Comments: Aren’t we saying that replacing Robert Downey Jr is impossible? The Netflix team could have offered a woman in Iron Man’s costume (in which case the latter could have taken the name IronHeart as in the comics). And why not consider an actress of undeniable talent and charisma like Oona Chaplin for the role?

3) Thor / Alexander Ludwig (Vikings)

Commentary: Alexander Ludwig already knows the Vikings and their beliefs well. He could have made a very good Thor offered by the Netflix team.

4) War Machine: Rami Malek (Mr Robot)

5) Black Panther: Regé Jean Page (the Bridgerton Chronicle)

Commentary: To replace the late Chadwick Boseman, Marvel is considering Shuri. Netflix could have thought of Regé-Jean Page making an impression in La Chronique des Bridgerton.

6) Bruce Banner / Tanner Buchanan (Cobra Kai)

Commentary: Tanner Buchanan plays Robby in Cobra Kai. With an athletic physique and a disposition to act in shows that involve fighting, he could have been a good fit for a future Bruce Banner junior.

7) Black Widow / Anya Taylor-Joy (Queens)

Comment: Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the most bankable actresses right now, and she has a lot of charisma. She could have been Netflix’s Black Widow!

8) Hawkeye / Elliot Page (the umbrella academy)

Comment: The actor, who came out as transgender, is one of the main actors in the series The Umbrella Academy. The Netflix platform would have wanted to single out the actor to encourage inclusion, given that he is already used to evolving in a show where characters have special powers.

9) Peter Parker / Caleb Mclaughlin (Stranger Things)

Comments: To introduce Miles Morales, Netflix could have thought of Caleb McLaughlin for the role of Spider-Man.

10) Captain Marvel / Ester Exposito (Elite)

Commentary: Could the Duchess of Elite take control? In any case, she has an undeniable leadership character.

11) Ant-Man / Kento Yamazaki (Alice in the Frontier)

Commentary: Even if another problem related to the quantum realm arises, we think that Kento Yamazaki would know how to get out of it after going through all the stages of Alice in Borderland. We would trust he would make a good Ant-Man.

12) Vision / Freya Allan (the witcher)

Commentary: Netflix could have taken the opposite view of Marvel by not presenting Vision but Viv’, Vision’s daughter. We’ll let you discover what the character looks like in the comics and we’ll let you imagine Freya Allan in this role.

13) The Wasp / Ursula Corbero (la casa de papel)

14) Scarlet Witch / Madelaine Petsch (Riverdale)

15) Quicksilver / Hwang Jun-ho (Squid Game)

Commentary: Evan Peters is already smitten with the role of Captain America in this Netflix mix and twist. In the role of Quicksilver, we imagined the police officer from Squid Game, played by Hwang Jun-ho. After all, he deserved to be able to run for his life. And then the two characters are supposed to be dead now, so there’s a poetic (and morbid) side to it.

16) Rocket Racoon / Jonathan Groff (Mindhunter)

Comment: After protecting the world from serial killers, Jonathan Groff could finally protect the earth in a slightly more entertaining way.

17) Falcon / Sami Outalbali (Sex Education)

18) Nick Fury / Omar Sy (Lupine)

Comment: Yes, it’s quite a chauvinistic choice.

19) Fog / Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why)

20) Okoye / Samira Wiley (Orange Is The New Black)

And you, which actors from the Netflix team would you have seen in this casting? Don’t hesitate to give us feedback via our comments section! And if you want to continue along the same path, you can read our previous article of the same type that looks back on a potential 100% French casting for Avengers Endgame.


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