What if Pixar movies were realistic? (27 BD)

Pixar films like Disney have shaped us and will continue to shape generations, but we have to realize that not all is really realistic. A man who flies away with his house, cars that die, or toys that can drive a car, all of these would be impossible in real life. Have you ever imagined what the Pixars would look like if they were realistic? The artist Santiago Esparza did it for you. We’d already crossed his versions of Disney cartoons to make them more realistic. Today we offer you his vision of the Pixar movies. All the magic flies away to make way for the tragic. We decided to keep the drawings in the original version. The translations (if required) can be found under the pictures.

1) Find Nemo

Sailor: Who are you?

Nemo: your son …

Sailor: Oh!

Nemo: who are you?

2) Toy Story 4

Woody: Shepherdess!

Shepherdess: yes! one of the thousands out there and not the one you met!

3) toy story

Buzz: not today!

4) Wall E.

5) UP

6) soul

Joe: are we in heaven?

Adviser Michel A: No! You refused to die, now you are in an endless coma!

7) Ratatouille

Linguini: I thought rats lived more than a year.

8) Toy Story 3

Andy: hehe, what if …

Andy: … did they kiss?

9) Monsters, Inc.

Mr. Waternoose: Why are you naked?

10) toy story

Rex: Woody, have you been replaced?

Woody: Nobody will be replaced! Let’s go and say hello to that thing up there like it should!

Woody: I ​​was replaced …

11) cars 2

Martin: Guys, I brought Doc back to life!

Doc: Hello …

Flash: Doc! Martin! How is that possible?

Doc: He took me to the mechanic.

12) Toy Story 3

13) up there

Carl: I didn’t expect to meet Charles Muntz like this.

=> dead for many years

14) Ratatouille

Linguini: You can understand me! I’m not crazy !

15) Find Nemo

father son

=> he didn’t even notice

16) The Incredibles

* Crazy cosplayer is run over by a train *

17) Toy Story 2

18) University monsters

Commentator: Jacques Sullivan’s great achievement in the terror simulator

Commentator: The ad has never been this high !! Wait … he does …

Commentator: Will he change the difficulty?

19) rebel

Merida: Angus slow motion!

Merida: Ah! Not yet ! Next time I’ll fucking shave my head!

20) Toy Story 3

Woody: We did it!

21) up there

Carl: Goodbye friends!

22) Wall E.

Commander: In a few years this little plant will become a tree!

Crew member: and what have we been doing over the years?

Commander: Everyone returns to the axiom …

23) The Incredibles

Bob: It’s good that this costume can withstand high temperatures

24) Find Nemo

The fish: Come on Astrid! You can do it !

Boule: what do we do now?

25) Monsters, Inc.

Boo’s father: Hello honey

Boo’s father: honey?


26) Toy Story 2

Rex: We can catch him!

Buzz: zigzag top performance!

Urgent ! : the police are looking for a Pizza Planet Truck!

27) toy story

Woody: We toys see everything!

Woody: then no violence!

Woody: Yeah! Haha! we won !

If you want to keep the fun going, check out the Disney movies when they were realistic.

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