What happens to Mino Raiola? Check this Italian football agent net worth and early life details here!!

Raiola was born in Nocera Inferiore in Salerno, Nales. He and his family moved to Haarlem in Holland when he was just one. They opened a pizzeria called Napoli, and this soon grew to 11 restaurants. At the age of 19, he left to start his own business. A property developer bought and sold a McDonald’s near where he lived, and he became a millionaire before he was 20. According to Forbes, Mino Raiola net worth is $84.7 million.

False stories had been spread that he died from a lung condition at the age of 54 on April 28, 2022. It is thought that he is in the hospital with a lot of health problems. For more details on this Italian Sports Agent, continue scrolling the page to the bottom.

Mino Raiola Net Worth

In the past, we have talked about Mino Raiola’s wealth. He has a net worth of 84.7 million dollars. It’s already been said that he was rich before he became an agent, but most of his money came from that time. It doesn’t matter if he plays for Manchester United or Real Madrid in the European football league. He has a lot of players in both places.

They started with 2 million dollars and went up to 600 million dollars. It depends on how good the player is and how much money he charges. He has made almost $60 million in commission in the last 10 years alone, which is a lot. He also gets a cut of the money from endorsement deals. The money he makes from endorsement deals is almost five million dollars.

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Mino Raiola Early Life

Mino Raiola was born on November 4, 1967, in Italy. It was always his dream to play football. Before he became an agent, it was his dream to play football. This is how it worked out for him: He was a pretty good football player, and he played in Italy’s second league. It’s hard to believe that this person will have a bigger impact outside of the football field than inside.

Mino Raiola in critical condition at Milan hospital

Because of his job as an agent, people think that this man has made so much money. But you’ll be surprised to learn that he was already rich before becoming an agent! He became a millionaire while taking care of a McDonald’s store in his town. Is it possible that you don’t understand this? He bought a McDonald’s and sold it for a lot of money to a nearby real estate developer.

Is Mino Raiola Married?

Yes. Mino Raiola is married, but we don’t know the name of his wife However, apart from the fact that he met his wife in Foggia, Italy, not much is known about her. The press doesn’t know her name or where she came from. Also, no information about Mino’s previous relationships has been made public.

Mino Raiola Career Info

Raiola played football for the youth team of HFC Haarlem. However, he stopped playing when he was 18 years old in 1987 to become the head of the youth team. Raiola started out as a football agent because he had been a player and a manager.

Starting out as an agent, he worked at Sports Promotion, where he helped move a lot of high-profile Dutch players. Raiola started his own sports agency because of his work with Sports Promotion.

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Raiola made his first move on his own after the UEFA Euro 1996. After that, he moved Pavel Nedved from Sparta Prague to Lazio. Raiola now has more than 60 clients who play for some of the best football teams in the world.

Top football agent, Mino Raiola fighting for life in intensive care -  Vanguard News

In 2016, he helped Manchester United buy Paul Pogba for a record price. It’s said that he made a profit of €25 million (£22 million). The France international moved for €105 million (£92 million/$117 million).

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Italy’s football league banned the agent Raiola from representing clients for three months on May 8, 2019. The reason for the ban is still unknown. Also, on May 10, 2019, the bans were extended around the world after the FIFA Disciplinary Committee took the Italian federation’s decisions into account. Because of an appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal, the three-month ban was dropped.


So that’s all about Mino Raiola net worth. According to Forbes, Mino Raiola has an estimated net worth of $84.7 million. Raiola earns most of his money from commissions on contract negotiations for clients. He earns a commission on every closed deal that he negotiates on behalf of his clients.