What happened to Tyr in God of War Ragnarok?

God of Warfare Ragnarok is the narrative conclusion of the enduring father-and-son duo, Kratos and Atreus. Nevertheless, the sport by no means fails to introduce new and perplexing characters that add loads to the overarching narrative. One such character is none aside from Tyr, the Norse God of Warfare.

Whereas there have been references to Tyr and his good deeds in the direction of the Jotuns and Midgardians in God of Warfare (2018), the Aesir god by no means made an look. For a lot of winters, it was assumed that Odin killed him as a punishment for his transgressions towards Asgard and All-Father’s plans to exert his dominance over all 9 realms.

Nevertheless, with God of Warfare Ragnarok, Santa Monica Studio shocked everybody after they revealed that Tyr was alive and would be a part of Kratos and Atreus on their quest to forestall Ragnarok.

Tyr’s affect was very delicate all through the narrative of God of Warfare Ragnarok. Nevertheless, as the sport progressed, it was made obvious that the Norse God of Warfare was not who he initially offered him as, actually and figuratively.

Be aware: This text accommodates spoilers for God of Warfare Ragnarok and God of Warfare (2018).

Tyr was among the many only a few Aesir gods that had been form in the direction of the Jotuns (Giants) in God of Warfare Ragnarok

Based on Mimir, the neatest “head” alive in God of Warfare Ragnarok, Tyr is among the many few Aesir gods that had been sympathetic to the Jotuns and Midgadians regardless of being underneath All-Father’s command.

Odin’s madness-driven quest to achieve information of the previous, current, and future made him envious of the Giants, who had been blessed with the power to take a glimpse into the long run.

He went up in arms towards the Jotuns to forcefully collect data concerning his and his Asgardian kingdom’s future and any impending doom which may threaten its peace.


Giants knew that Odin’s unending pursuit of data would ultimately find yourself inflicting the autumn of the 9 realms. They finally ended up sealing Jotunheim from entry by the Aesir, with the assistance of none aside from Tyr.

Nevertheless, because of the Norse God of Warfare’s transgressions towards the Aesir, Odin imprisoned and seemingly killed Tyr.

Tyr was discovered alive throughout the first few hours of God of Warfare Ragnarok, however the Norse God of Warfare appeared like a wholly totally different individual

Nevertheless, throughout the first few hours of God of Warfare Ragnarok, it was obvious that Tyr was not lifeless. As a substitute, he remained imprisoned by Odin at an unknown location, very similar to the Valkyries.

After rescuing Tyr from a dungeon-like mine within the realm of the Dwarves, Svartlfheim, Kratos and Atreus introduced him to the Huldra Brothers’ home contained in the Yggdrasil.


Kratos and Atreus needed to recruit Tyr as their normal towards the Aesir gods, as per their plan to go up towards the All-Father’s may. Nevertheless, Tyr appeared to be a wholly totally different individual than what was depicted within the murals and tales. As a substitute of the fearless God of Warfare, Tyr appeared like an excessively cautious and borderline cowardly particular person, refraining from any and all acts of struggle.

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It was later revealed, in the course of the second act of God of Warfare Ragnarok’s story, that the Tyr that Kratos and Atreus rescued, introduced into their secure haven, and shared all their methods with was an elaborate phantasm set by none aside from Odin himself. This leaves the actual Norse God of Warfare’s destiny as soon as once more wrapped in a shroud of thriller.

Is Tyr actually alive in God of Warfare Ragnarok?

Though Odin masquerading as Tyr made it seem to be the actual Norse God of Warfare might need been killed by the All-Father, that is removed from the reality.

If gamers proceed their journey by means of the 9 realms after finishing the principle story and remaining aspect quests, they are going to ultimately come face-to-face with the actual, dwelling Tyr.


Whereas exploring Niflheim, gamers will come throughout a secluded jail cell. In the event that they go additional, they are going to ultimately come upon Tyr, who appears fairly relaxed and comfy sitting in his jail cell.

As soon as he’s free of his captivity, Tyr will be discovered touring by means of totally different realms, making an attempt to piece collectively the occasions which have transpired since his imprisonment.


The actual Tyr has little or no to contribute to the general narrative of God of Warfare Ragnarok. Nevertheless, it is nonetheless an important aid realizing that the Norse God of Warfare is alive and effectively regardless of all of the unlucky occasions that occurred in the course of the recreation’s most important story.

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