What fans feared most is about to happen

With the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of cinemas, production and distribution companies have had to rethink their strategies. Disney in particular has been more focused on its Disney + streaming platform, even if it means skipping a theatrical release. And according to a recent report, the Hollywood giant appears poised to continue doing this over time.

upcoming releases similar to Mulan in France?

Disney recently confirmed that the soul film, like Mulans, will be exclusive to Disney +. A decision that only affects the United States, which obliges the chronology of the media, but which could affect the entire industry. And for good reason, with a focus on streaming, cinemas risk taking a back seat and forcing some giants to adapt. An industry that is therefore likely to develop dramatically over the next few years.

Disney recently recalled this streaming attraction when an internal reorganization was announced. “Under this new structure, the company’s three content groups will be responsible for the production and distribution of content for movies, physical publishing and streaming, with a particular focus on the company’s streaming services.” .

If Slash Film is to be believed, this is the first time Disney has stressed streaming so heavily in a press release. With the success of Disney + and the never-ending Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in the US, the Hollywood giant is exploring its ways to limit the damage. The offer of its major releases exclusively on Disney + is presented as the solution of choice for Disney, which can offer its subscribers its big budget hits for an additional fee to avoid the constraints associated with the pandemic.

However, this solution is only valid in the United States. According to French law, films cannot be published in cinemas and on streaming platforms at the same time. But this announcement reassures at least Disney + subscribers who are sure to discover new original content soon, and investors who see a Disney strong in its fortune and position.

With regard to France, this assumed focus should not necessarily affect consumers too much. And for good reason, Disney has to go through the cinema first and foremost. As long as the media schedule doesn’t change, the giant won’t be able to offer its paid content in addition to a theatrical release on Disney +. Heading towards an exclusive release of great Disney movies on Disney + at no extra charge, like the release of Mulan? Possible. A solution that would also enable the giant to seduce an as yet undecided audience.

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