What do these 17 actors look like in Mom I Missed the Plane today?

How are the actors in Mom I Missed the Plane and Mom I Missed the Plane today? If you’ve ever wondered, you’ve come to the right place. Today we offer you a new before / after based on the two iconic Christmas films by Chris Colombus.

Mom’s actors that I missed have changed a lot in 30 years

The end of the year celebrations are just around the corner and you’re sure to have fun rediscovering the various iconic Christmas movies. Among them, we think in particular of Mama that I missed the plane and of their suite Mama that I missed the plane again. Today you are turning old as the first part celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. As you can imagine, the different players have changed a lot over the years. That is why we are offering you a new before / after today. Let’s start a new life!

Kevin McCallister / Macaulay Culkin

Harry Lime / Joe Pesci

Marvin Merchants / Daniel Stern

Kate McCallister / Catherine O’Hara

Peter McCallister / John Heard

Buzz McCallister / Devin Ratray

Frank McCallister / Gerry Bamman

Leslie McCallister / Terrie Snell

Father Marley / Roberts Blossom

Fuller McCallister / Kieran Culkin

Gus Polinski / John Candy

The lady with the pigeons / Brenda Fricker

Hector / Tim Curry

Cedric / Rob Schneider

Madame Stone / Dana Ivey

Mr. Duncan / Eddie Bracken

Donald Trump / Donald Trump

So much for that new before / after, if you want to extend the fun, discover the actors who built muscle to become superheroes in the movies.

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