What are the top issues affecting the Elden Rings at launch?

While Elden Ring is generally well-polished on consoles and PC, there are a few problems and issues that are preventing gamers from fully immersing themselves in FromSoftware’s new journey. Check out what issues are affecting the gaming performance. 

Framerate Drop

Even when utilizing a device that satisfies the Elden Ring system requirements, many players have complained that the framerate for Elden Ring would occasionally drop below 60FPS during boss fights or exploration of the game’s open area. This problem can get found on both Xbox and PC platforms. However, it appears to be more common and severe on the PC.

Stuttering Problem

On PC, Elden Ring appears to have a stuttering issue that causes the game to stutter and “lock up” for a second or two. The problem can appear everywhere in the game’s universe, although it’s more often when fighting bosses or exploring places with foes.

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Failed to initialize the game launcher

On PC, a message stating that Elden Ring “failed to initialize the game launcher” may appear, preventing players from launching the game. Exiting and restarting Steam may repair the problem, but you may also try checking the integrity of the game files or restarting your PC. Even in safe areas with no adversaries or other hazards present, some players have reported not communicating with NPC characters.

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The menu button is not working properly

Some players have also noted that the menu button in Elden Ring isn’t working, preventing them from accessing their in-game settings menu.

Network status check failed error

Players may receive the error “network status check failed” when attempting to log into Elden Ring’s servers. That suggests that the game’s server struggled to cope with the large inflow of users since the game’s introduction. Before attempting to connect again, wait a few minutes.

Elden Ring won’t launch correctly on PC is an uncommon yet unpleasant glitch that some gamers have noticed. Only a blank or white screen and (maybe) their mouse cursor will be visible to players.

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