What Are The ‘Selling Sunset’ Cast Net Worth 2022? Find Who is the richest Cast Member?

Selling Sunset is one of Netflix’s most popular reality shows, thanks to its high-octane drama and stunning real estate. When The Oppenheim Group’s agents go on pranks (burgers and Botox anyone?), this sitcom is about them. It’s set in the Los Angeles luxury real estate market. We are discussing about net worth 2022 of all selling sunset cast member in this article.

The ensemble of Selling Sunset is full of larger-than-life characters—looking at you, Christine Quinn—who routinely land multi-million-dollar deals. The cast is currently five seasons into a hit series, with a sixth and seventh season on the way, on top of their real estate activities. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the cast of “Selling Sunset” is extremely wealthy. Here’s all you need to know about Selling Sunset Cast Net Worth 2022, including who is the wealthiest:

Selling Sunset Cast Details

  • Chrishell Stause
  • Christine Quinn
  • Jason Oppenheim
  • Heather Rae El Moussa
  • Emma Hernan
  • Amanza Smith
  • Davina Potratz
  • Maya Vander
  • Vanessa Villela
  • Mary Fitzgerald
  • Romain Bonnet
  • Brett Oppenheim

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Chrishell Stause Net Worth 2022

Chrishell Stause has made tens of thousands of dollars in commissions by marketing a number of multi-million dollar houses. On the houses she sold, the Oppenheim Group representative is thought to have received $404,752 in commissions.

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She also gained money from her roles in soap operas. These ventures pay between $450 and $1,000 per episode on average. The figure for selling Sunset is significantly greater, but it is not made public. It is, however, a factor in Chrishell’s Stause $5 million wealth.

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Christine Quinn Net Worth 2022

Christine Quinn has a net worth of $1.5 million as an American real estate agent and reality television personality. She is most known for her role as a contestant on the reality television show Selling Sunset.

According to sources, her annual income is estimated to be $250,000 in 2022. Acting, modeling, real estate, fashion design, and brand partnerships are her main sources of income.

Jason Oppenheim Net Worth 2022

Jason Oppenheim’s estimated net worth is $55 million. He works as an attorney and real estate agent in the United States. He rose to prominence as one of the well-known founders of the prestigious real estate firm. The Oppenheim Group, which he co-founded with his brother.

Heather Rae El Moussa Net Worth 2022

Heather Rae Young, now El Moussa, is worth approximately $3 million. The actress began her career as a model, and in 2010 she was named Playboy’s Miss February.

She obtained her real estate licence at the age of 27 and has earned commissions on multi-million dollar residences. Her Instagram account currently has over 1.8 million followers. Tarek El Moussa, her spouse, is worth around $15 million.

Emma Hernan Net Worth 2022

Emma Hernan, as she is professionally known, is estimated to be worth $3 million. Emma’s earnings come from a variety of sources, including American models, realtors, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs. After appearing in the media as a contestant on the reality show “Selling Sunsets,” she became well-known. As a model, she has a well-known face.

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Amanza Smith Net Worth 2022

Amanza Smith’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. She began her career as an interior designer, but after her ex-husband, former NFL player Ralph Brown, abandoned her and their children, she joined The Oppenheim Group. Since then, Amanza has grown into a fantastic broker.

Davina Potratz Net Worth 2022

Davina reportedly has a net worth of $2 million. Despite the fact that it has been a year, Portraz has not sold the notorious $75 million mansion. The Oppenheim Group’s website still offers Beverly Drive for sale. However, when the house is sold, she will almost certainly earn a large sum of money, further increasing her already significant net worth. In the third season of the TV show, the $75 million mansion that ex-Oppenheim Group agent Davina Potratz was attempting to sell became a story point.

Maya Vander Net Worth 2022

Maya Vander works for the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles and has a net worth of $1 million. She also works for Douglas Elliman, a real estate firm in Miami. Maya started her own company, “The Maya Vander Group,” in December 2020. Florida is a state. It doesn’t appear to be an issue for her when it comes to selling and buying properties in California.

Vanessa Villela Net Worth 2022

Venessa has a net worth of $5 million, which she earned from her Mexican soap operas and her experience as a broker in Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” episode. Because she has always kept her private life private, little is known about her automobiles and homes.

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Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth 2022

Despite the fact that there isn’t much information regarding Fitzgerald’s entire assets right now, a few sources suggest she may have around $1 million in her bank account. Mary has almost a decade of experience as a realtor. She is also a well-known unscripted television personality. Kimberly Quaid is a reality TV celebrity who also works as a realtor.

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Romain Bonnet Net Worth 2022

Romain Bonnet isn’t like the other show’s stars, who are all real estate agents. He previously worked as a pastry chef in France before deciding to pursue a modelling career in the United States. As a project manager, he recently joined the Oppenheim Group. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $500,000.

Brett Oppenheim Net Worth 2022

Brett’s $50 million net worth says much about his achievements thus far in his career. It’s also worth noting that he’s visited more than 75 nations in his lifetime. Seeing buildings, infrastructure, and architecture in different places is likely to be incredibly beneficial to him in the realm of real estate development.

Who is the Richest Selling Sunset Cast Member?

The Oppenheim Group’s wealthiest people are Brett Oppenheim and Jason Oppenheim, which isn’t surprising given that they founded the company. Brett has gone his own way to create his own firm, although both twins are experts in real estate and law. Working with high-profile clientele and resolving squabbles in the workplace is something they’re both used to. Their individual net worths of $50 million tell us much about their achievements.

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