What are Some of the Best Fighting Games?

The gaming industry has come a long way. No longer are games considered just children’s toys. Nowadays, video games come out that pander to both children and adults. There are a ton of different gaming genres, from adventure to simulation. Among them, one of the most popular is the fighting genre. So, in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best and most beloved fighting games in the world.

The Street Fighter Series

First on our list is the Street Fighter series. One of the most popular and beloved series, Street Fighter is also instrumental to the success of eSports. Competitive gaming began when Street Fighter II hit the arcades. What began as a grassroots movement is now one of the most popular aspects of the gaming industry. Nowadays, casino websites which you can find if you follow this link, also feature an option to place bets on eSports matches.

But, getting into the game itself, Street Fighter is one of the granddaddies of the fighting game genre. It was among the first games to introduce a roster of different fighters with different styles. It was also among the first fighting games to include a story with multiple endings. In that sense, Street Fighter is the pillar on which the fighting genre today is built upon.

The Tekken Franchise

The Tekken franchise is another of the more successful video game franchises. Like Street Fighter, players can pick from a rather hefty roster of fighters, all with unique fighting styles. What Tekken has over Street Fighter is that a lot of the styles are a lot more realistic, though of course a certain degree of fantasy is still involved.

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The main story focuses on the Mishima/Kazama family. The first game sees the Mishima patriarch, Heihachi throw his son off of a cliff in order to test his strength. This action puts into motion a series of events which awakens Ancient Gods of War, Evil Spirits, and Demonic Entities. Along the way, we also get to meet colorful characters like the jaguar-faced King, the goofy Paul Phoenix, and the drunken fist policeman, Lei Wulong.

Mortal Kombat

In its own way, Mortal Kombat is another of the most important fighting game franchises in the world. When it first released alongside Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat could not stand up to the popularity of its competitor. Mechanically speaking, Street Fighter II was the superior game. However, Mortal Kombat brought something new to the genre in its own right. Gore!

Mortal Kombat did not shy away from blood, guts, and gore. Fighters would get bloodied, bruised, dismembered, and brutalized. In fact, the game got so brutal that the term “fatality” has not become a meme. For those who don’t know “Fatality” is a mechanic which Mortal Kombat introduced to the fighting genre, in which a player could finish off their opponent with one, final, brutal move.

Fatalities in Mortal Kombat range from simple decapitation, to spines being torn out, to fighters being dragged to the deepest hells by ancient sorceries.

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