What are different weapons available in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has offensive possibilities, each with quirks and insights into the game’s larger environment. We’ll break down each weapon and provide details so you can get a flavor of the Lands Between’s history while planning your construct.


It is a cutting sword with a straight blade and a wide blade. Horizontal swings have an attack range, making it easier to hit opponents. The sword-held level is the starting point for this talent. To slice upwards through the enemy defense, use a standard attack or a hard strike to conduct a running thrust.


It has a straight blade and a double-edged blade. In addition to its regular damage, that weapon has devastating piercing attacks. That’s a very well-balanced arsenal. This talent’s starting point is the sword-held level. After that, cut upwards through the enemy’s guard with a standard attack or an attack to conduct a running thrust.

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Short Sword

It is a sword with a short blade and a short handle. This weapon has powerful piercing attacks in addition to its standard damage. This weapon is one of the lightest straight swords, and it is simple to use, requiring only modest characteristics. A high kick can get used to pushing an opponent back. Effective against protecting adversaries and can break a foe’s stance. An instrument can be the most effective at times. It is the Astrologer‘s first weapon.

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It is a single-sided sword with a curved blade. With its keen edge, it delivers cutting blows. But it is ineffectual against strong armor and skins coated with tough scales. It carves into foes with rapid, sharp cuts while smaller than other curved swords. Dexterous fighters favor this skill. As your body revolves, slash your enemies. A follow-up attack is possible with further input.

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