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Were you a fan of “The Nanny”? The new Netflix series may be perfect for you

Were you a fan of “The Nanny”? The new Netflix series may be perfect for you

“Country Comfort” is the newest sitcom on the streaming platform.

When the mother is away, a large family tries to stay together. But something is missing. And the peculiar nurse who comes to the family could be the solution. If this premise tells you something, don’t be surprised: from “Music in the Heart” to “Mary Poppins” we’ve seen this in the past. Also as a sitcom in “The Nanny”, a series from the 1990s with Fran Drescher, which was broadcast here under the title “Competente e Descarada”.

As a result, there is already a long story behind the premise of launching Country Comfort, Netflix’s new series, which premiered on Friday March 19th. But there are other spices here, a little more from our time. Others are particularly distinctive in the United States, where the accent is more charged and the pain is sung in country music.

Katharine McPhee (“Scorpion”) is Bailey, the spontaneous nurse in the new series on the streaming platform. This aspiring country singer sees her career bogged down in the world of music and the result of one of those accidents that don’t happen in real life has hired her to babysit a large family.

There are a total of five children and a father, Beau (Eric Balfour, strangely enough, the real husband of the singer LeAnn Rimes), who became a widower and is characterized by his cowboy charm, which is so typically American. Such a mother figure is missing on the family side. Obviously, Bailey, who at first will hardly be able to leave his position, will leave his mark. And there is much to take from this family too.

The kids have a natural talent for music, which gives them the chance to have the band that was missed on the road to success. And it will be easy to guess that a close relationship will be established with this cowboy.

If something more comes out of these two, we can imagine it needs to be managed well so as not to expect a happy ending too much if the series is to be extended over time.

One thing is certain: we can imagine that between the grief of this family and the unhappiness of the protagonist there is only room for moments of sadness that humor and music will solve. What’s next is a sitcom, and in these strange times we live in, there are things that deserve to depend precisely on being light entertainment.

Bailey’s new life.

There are a total of 10 episodes that we can discover in this first season with a typical structure of half an hour. All episodes are now available. The recipe is clear: add a little familiar tenderness to the clumsy charm of the protagonist. This is one of those cases where the fact that the protagonist is far from perfect both serves for humorous moments for the audience to cheer him on.

With various nuances, this story of a nurse who appears out of nowhere to change a family has shown success before. In the case of Country Comfort, there is even one additional factor that can cause the balance to tip in favor of this sitcom.

If the creator is Caryn Lucas, he has Executive Producer of “Competente e Descarada” in the curriculum. The series had some of its main strengths in Fran’s signature voice and character. Still, it took more to have the longevity it had.

There were six seasons and an impressive 145 episodes that aired. Country Comfort is not a remake, nor do you want to bear the burden of that responsibility. But it’s here to give that same easy, familiar vibe. Sometimes what you want on a series is just that: the convenience of a predictable company.


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