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“Welcome to Utmark” is the new Nordic series of the moment

“Welcome to Utmark” is the new Nordic series of the moment

Opening on Sunday at HBO Portugal, it’s a Scandinavian western full of drama and humor set in a remote city.

The series has eight episodes.

Everyone knows each other in Utmark, a small (and remote) town in Norway. But the environment can be strange and wild, and outsiders don’t always get along in this place. This is the scenario for “Welcome to Utmark,” a new series from HBO that debuts on the streaming platform in Portugal this Sunday April 18th.

This eight-episode dramatic comedy was created and written by Dane Kim Fupz Aakeson and directed by Icelander Dagur Kári. The story begins when a new teacher, very optimistic, moves to Utmark with the hope that a new start can bring.

However, she quickly realizes that the only person acting relatively mature in the whole city is a 12-year-old girl. The plot follows several fascinating characters who live in Utmark.

There is both a corrupt sheriff and an alcoholic pastor who even goes into mourning through a pimp or obsessed shopkeeper. They are comic characters in a way, but at the same time with very human traits and behaviors.

This narrative, in which the entire community is involved, turns into a battle for the cattle, and the 12-year-old girl – daughter of a divorced couple – tries to get adults to behave as such, although challenging .

The production is a kind of Scandinavian western with breathtaking landscapes in an isolated place on the edge of civilization.


“The show is about everyone finding their own place – whether they find themselves after being abandoned by their partner, trying to grow up, moving on after a loved one dies, or simply the soul of the deceased’s husband to expel bodies through an exorcism. It’s about accepting life’s difficulties and addressing all aspects that make us human: love, death and transvestism, ”the official HBO summary reads.

As the screenwriter explained in an interview with Variety magazine, the initial idea was to make a film with this story. “We wanted to find a city, a society in Northern Norway that would be our border. The indigenous Sami population is there, but also the “society”, a western environment with a priest, an undertaker, a bar and a policeman. We had a tone like ‘Fargo’ or ‘Twin Peaks’ from the start, but the choice of Dagur Kári as director was very deliberate – to have someone who knew how to develop that in eight episodes because this is their world too “Said Aakeson.

He added, “For me, it’s about conflict and how it develops. Like a cancer moving through society. These are not things planned by a brilliant mind. They are just people trying to get along in the world and suddenly pushing each other on, not on purpose, but it happens. It’s a more open and interesting journey than a film that is very structured and tight. “

The cast includes names such as Rozafa Celaj, May-Linda Kosumovic, Marie Blokhus, Alma Günther, Stig Henrik Hoffl, Tobias Santelmann and Niklas Gundersen.

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