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Shortly before the deadline, Alice Weidel lets the cat out of the bag on a talk show: she wants to be the best candidate again – this time together with Tino Chrupalla.

Berlin (AP) – AfD group leader Alice Weidel wants to lead her party as a top candidate in the federal election campaign. Weidel announced on Wednesday evening on the ZDF talk show “Markus Lanz” that she would sign up for the top team together with party chairman Tino Chrupalla.

It was announced on Tuesday that retired Lieutenant General Joachim Wundrak (65) and Bundestag member Joana Cotar (48) would like to lead the AfD as the top team in the federal election campaign. “I am interested in a solution that maps the AfD in its breadth, with which the AfD base and our constituents can identify,” said Cotar. Chrupalla had previously declined her offer to team up.

After lengthy debates, the AfD decided to let the members vote for the top duo. Teams of two who want to compete together must report at noon on Wednesday. The member poll starts on May 17. The result will be published on May 25.

In Baden-Württemberg, where Weidel is president of the state, candidates for the federal elections on September 26 are still pending.

Wundrak and Cotar are more likely to get opportunities from outsiders as they are not very well known by the public or in the party. Unlike Weidel and Chrupalla, they are placed in the party-internal camp of co-party chairman Jörg Meuthen, which is considered moderate. “I am very happy that Joana Coar and Joachim Wundrak are competing together; both are very suitable candidates, ”said Meuthen when asked on Wednesday.

The Lower Saxony AfD had chosen Wundrak as the top candidate in the federal election in December. The highest former soldier in the AfD to date had only made his party membership public after leaving the Bundeswehr. Cotar is the parliamentary group’s digital political spokeswoman and number two on the Hessian state list.

Chrupalla enjoys the support of the right-wing movement around the Thuringian head of state Björn Höcke, who is classified as an extreme right-wing movement under the protection of the constitution. However, according to his own statement, he attended only as a guest a meeting of the “wing”, which has now been formally closed. Weidel had previously campaigned to exclude Höcke from the AfD, but later changed course. Weidel and Alexander Gauland formed a top AfD team for the federal elections in 2017. The party first went to the Bundestag with 12.6 percent of the vote.

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