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In the US, the number of infections continues unabated. Only today have the registered new infections reached a new peak. Joe Biden wants to call on Americans to wear masks in public for 100 days.

Washington (AP) – Elected US President Joe Biden wants to call on Americans at his inauguration to wear masks in public for 100 days to contain the corona pandemic.

In addition, he will order the mouthguard to be worn in federal government buildings and in means of transportation such as airplanes, Biden told CNN on Thursday. A US president can only order the wearing of masks in certain situations, such decisions largely lie with individual states.

He is convinced that masks and vaccinations can significantly reduce coronavirus infections, emphasizes Biden, who takes office on January 20. The US is currently experiencing a massive corona wave with a sharp increase in infections and deaths. Incumbent President Donald Trump had repeatedly ridiculed the wearing of masks.

Noted immunologist Anthony Fauci should become its chief medical advisor, Biden also said. He accepted the offer, Fauci told NBC News Friday. The 79-year-old is the best known – and most popular – corona expert in the US. He strongly advocates precautions against the spread of the virus. He has lost influence in the White House in recent months because his call to wear masks and try on did not fit Trump’s message that America would soon leave the pandemic behind.

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