We learn more about the departure of Johnny Depp!

The formalization of Johnny Depp’s release from the Fantastic Beasts license rocked the Internet. Today we learn more about the circumstances of his departure.

New details

The departure of Johnny Depp from Fantastic Beasts will have surprised more than one. The actor, who had previously been supported by Warner and JK Rowling, appeared to be attractive to the studios again as his lawsuit backfired by his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard (Aquaman) of domestic violence. Some elements that were included in the file showed that she was violent towards Gellert Grindelwald’s interpreter. In addition, the Disney studio, which temporarily excluded him from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, had resigned and said it was ready to resume the actor. In this context, his release from the studio is surprising …

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Revelations from The Hollywood Reporter tell us more about Johnny Depp’s departure from the Fantastic Beasts license. In fact, we learn that the actor had already shot a scene from the third part of the cycle developed by JK Rowling. Will this scene be included in the film? Everything will depend on the content of the scene: if it is a transformative scene, we can assume that it will allow a smooth transfer of the role between Johnny Depp and his successor (to discover the actors chosen by fans, it is here). Otherwise, it is certain that Gellert Grindelwald’s new interpreter will replay the scene instead of Johnny Depp.

We also learn that despite his departure, Johnny Depp will be leaving with his entire salary of $ 10 million. In fact, a clause in his contract states that the actor must receive the full amount even if the film was not shot or if the studio wanted to change actors during production. A clause that allows Depp to leave with a consolation prize, even if he does not allow him to redeem his despised honor …

The arrival of Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts was one hell of a marketing stunt from Warner … First, whether we like his game or not, Johnny Depp is the holy Hollywood heavyweight and his name alone helps get crowds into the movies to trick into. If his acting has been caricatured for a few years, we must not forget that if Johnny Depp is an actor-chameleon, he is not so much for his real love of disguise as he is, above all, a very great compositional actor. Suffice it to convince yourself to remember his first collaborations with Tim Burton (Edward in the hands of Silver, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow), his hallucinatory passage in the cinema of Terry Gilliam (Las Vegas Parano). or his role in Arizona Dream by Emir Kusturica.

Johnny Depp, in particular, would find a new life in Fantastic Beasts for two reasons. The first is that for the first time in a long time, the actor would play a role that wasn’t cut out for him at the base. In other words, he didn’t have to do Johnny Depp anymore and could finally become an actor again. The second reason is closely related to the first: in the role of Gellert Grindelwald, the great villain of the new saga of the Harry Potter universe, Johnny Depp was used against employment. Johnny Depp was used to crazy characters who worked willingly or not forever (except Sweeney Todd) and played a villain. The hair is dyed platinum blonde, the eyes will see it, the pale face, the actor could not only rely on his body to please the viewer, but on the contrary to play and at the same time privilege his charisma. One thing is certain, he left his mark on the Harry Potter saga.

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