We know why Darkseid lost to Ares


Justice League: The Snyder Cut is really at the heart of the movie news right now, and it’s understandable why the wait has been so high and the reviews positive. The film broke a new record in France as well. It was also an opportunity to do justice to the character of Wonder Woman (see, the pun?), Which the first version of the feature film barely thanked. In a flashback she’s taken from, we can see Darkseid lose in a clash with the god of war Ares. Today we will try to determine the reasons for this defeat.

history class

A few thousand years before the events of the Justice League, Darkseid loses a battle against the god of war Ares, played by David Thewis. The Snyder Cut therefore digs an epic conflict in which Darkseid and his army come to Earth to conquer it, restoring the anti-life equation in the process. While Apokolips’ forces are used to enslaving defenseless planets, this was not the case on Earth.

In fact, several races took part in the battle, including, of course, Ares, but also Zeus (Sergei Constance) and even a green lantern called Yalan Gur. As a result, Darkseid was unable to use the Unity to turn Earth into a nightmarish replica of Apokolips. When his forces withdrew, he left behind the mother boxes that have been collected and shipped between the races to this day, where Steppenwolf wanted to do the same – but was stopped by the Justice League!

a stabbing defeat

Darkseid suffered real defeat, but was fortunate to have spared his life – the god of war narrowly missed the opportunity to deal a fatal blow. In his defense, the leader of Apokolips has already been partially weakened by the allies of Ares, who was the victim of violent attacks by the king of Atlantis and the Greek gods. An intelligent and strategic combo attack that mixes water magic and lightning. There is strength in unity, and it is actually this collaboration that enabled Ares to (almost) successfully kill Darkseid. The latter was urgently removed from the battlefield after being seriously injured.

from uxas to darkseid

A shocking defeat from the start, except we still have to remember that the Darkseid described by Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in retrospect is not that of the present day. In fact, the dark ruler of the planet Apokolips only adopted this name after losing his battle on Earth and not completing his invasion. At that time he still officiated under the name Uxas. Logically, he was less powerful than the Darkseid we know today, which led to his overthrow in the First Conflict. Most importantly, Uxas was unable to use omega rays to decompose an enemy or send them to other dimensions such as space or time.

future snyder plans for darkseid?

When Zack Snyder was planning the sequels to Justice League 2 and Justice League 3, he also had ambitions to make Darkseid the main antagonist of the trilogy. The Snyder Cut gave a glimpse into the future where Darkseid will conquer the earth and eventually get his hands on the anti-life equation. Once in his possession, it is possible to corrupt and control Superman. We also note a remarkable difference between Darkseid and his “old version” Uxas: the former prefers to let others fight in his name, while he uses overpowering weapons like the Omega Ray or the Anti-Equation. Life begins. A supremacy we will probably never see if we are to believe Ann Sarnoff’s recent statements about the SnyderVerse.