We have bad news: there are no plans for a new “The Matrix” movie

We have bad news: there are no plans for a new “The Matrix” film

Confirmation is given by one of the producers of the last film in the saga: There are no projects for prequels or sequels.

But there is one last hope

It was 18 years before Neo was back in theaters in The Matrix. However, this fourth chapter of the saga could have been the end. This is ensured by James McTeigue, one of the producers of “The Matrix Resurrections”.

In an interview with “Collider” and asked if the end of the film also marks the end of The Matrix, McTeigue was consistent. “For us right now it’s about the movie we just saw. We don’t have any prequels or sequels in mind. There will be no more trilogy. “

“The film works because it is open to the viewer’s interpretation,” he explains, before finally debating details that we didn’t want to reveal because of spoilers, before closing: “I think we have the idea in the air relaxed, but it’s not in our plans [fazer mais filmes] at this moment.”

When confronted with the question of whether that would change with the return of production at the box office, McTeigue thought again. “Yes, there is always the financial part. There will always be filmmakers who want to make films, there will always be studios or streamers who have the money to do it. So, yes, it’s as much a business equation as it is a creative equation. “

So there can be hope. In fact, everything indicated that after “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” the saga would never return to theaters. Lo and behold, in 2021 we rushed into the halls to relive the adventures of Neo and Trinity.

What does the movie’s box office performance tell us in relation to such a “financial equation”? That “Matrix Resurrections” reached its goal of 61 million euros worldwide a few days ago, an unfavorable figure compared to other simultaneous premieres. Especially when the value is compared to the budget of around 167 million euros.

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