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We finally know why there wasn’t a supply and you won’t like it

The GeForce RTX 30 introduced by Nvidia a few months ago left a strong impression on PC users. While many of them wanted to afford these graphics cards, few could get them.

An explanation for this deficiency?

Many gaming enthusiasts or PC developers have been delighted with testing the latest Nvidia graphics cards, but few of them have been able to afford it. Indeed, the precious sesame is currently out of stock. The brand’s finance director was interviewed on the subject and stated that “it may be a few more months before supply catches up with demand”.

October 29, the launch date for RTX 30, gradually marked the start of a multi-month global shortage. This should logically end at the beginning of 2021. Nvidia seems to have failed to anticipate such a demand for the products in the range and today blames the production chain for which they believe is too slow with the arrival of a new product. in this difficult time.

AND what if there was anything else?

Despite Nvidia’s explanations, it still seems complicated for some gamers to imagine that so few “average users” could have access to the RTX 30.

However, given the brand’s recent results, that shortcoming doesn’t seem to have had any financial impact on Nvidia. On the contrary, GPU sales even hit a record. Beyond the gamers, it has also aroused suspicion among analysts.

Some of them decided to investigate, and financial analysts at RBC Capital Markets and Barrons eventually found something. Accordingly, GeForce RTX 30 was sold to cryptocurrency miners worth up to 175 million US dollars.

But why should these crypto miners need these graphics cards? This December is the “Ethereum 2.0” upgrade, even if the price of Ether continues to rise. The miners then need new equipment and Nvidia’s latest products therefore seem ideal for the job after the many tests they have successfully passed. In fact, the RTX 3080 and 3090 are considered particularly efficient and profitable when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

The problems related to the production and this case of crypto miners would ultimately be a good explanation for this mysterious story of the shortage.


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