We finally know why Thanos attacked Earth


For several years and in several films, MCU fans have been able to discover the actions of Thanos, the crazy titan from Saturn’s moon, in search of the Infinity Stones. And while this power monster was finally neutralized in Avengers: Endgame, the reasons for its gravitational pull to Earth were finally revealed.

A tip from the devil himself

As the emblematic antagonist of the Infinity Saga, Thanos is particularly present in the comics. In addition to his own series, the Titan can also be found in other comic book series, such as Iron Man, the same series he first appeared in. Thanos has a special attraction for earth, this blue planet on the edge of the universe, on which many powerful superheroes live. But why the earth? Certainly some of the Infinity Stones are there. But how did Thanos know about it? An intuition? A long search? But as Avengers # 38 reveals, it was thanks to Thanos that Thanos didn’t bring a leaked spike to Earth without ulterior motives.

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Demon among demons, the character of Mephisto on the Marvel team is nothing more than a hideous being from Hell who manipulates others in various forms. And in this new edition it is revealed that the being inspired by Mephistopheles did not hesitate to manipulate a young Thanos by taking him towards Earth. And for good reason, Mephisto, who failed to take control of this fiery defended planet, to believe that if he sent Thanos there, the job would be done for him.

This comic book was also an opportunity for its readers to discover that Mephisto’s actions go back to the beginning of the earth. Thus, throughout the history of the Blue Planet, pacts and compromises have been made, with different characters all ready to sow chaos. A revelation claiming that if Thanos targeted the earth, it was mainly due to the advice of Mephisto. Unfortunately, the defenders of Earth have once again proven that they are ready to do whatever it takes to defend this beloved planet at any cost. It remains to be seen whether Mephisto will one day achieve his goals.

And if you want to discover Mephistos actions for yourself, it is here.