We finally know the return date of the series on our screens

The CW network released its schedule to the delight of Arrowverse fans. However, you need to show a little patience to see your favorite heroes and heroines again.

Patience patience …

If the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing theatrical releases to adapt, the world of small screens is also being forced to postpone many productions after interruptions and delays in filming. The American broadcaster CW has not escaped the rule and has just released its release schedule. Arrowverse fans will have to wait for Batwoman, recently played by Javicia Leslie, to start on January 17th. The fourth season of The Adventures of Black Lightning will land on February 8th, while season 7 of The Flash and the brand new Superman and Lois won’t take their neighborhood until February 23rd.

For the chain’s other programs, Season 3 of All American and Season 5 of Riverdale are expected on January 18th and 20th.


CW is integrating three new series into its offer. Trickster is the first to be adapted from Edin Robinson’s Canadian novel Son of a Trickster. It is about the tortured everyday life of Jared, played by Joel Oulette, a 16-year-old young man from the Indian community of Haisla in British Columbia (Canada) who tries to combine school and private life with his activities as a trader, which enable him to do so To support parents financially. The American broadcaster also offers us Walker, a restart of the legendary Sunday lunchtime series with Chuck Norris, Walker, Texas Ranger. The Texas Ranger is housed here by Jared Padalecki. Finally, CW will honor its new superhero Superman and Lois program, which will bring to the big screen the heroic and journalistic adventures of Clark Kent / Superman and Lois Lane, played by Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch.

Find the full calendar:

January 12th

Two sentence horror stories (season 2)

Trickster (Season 1)

January 17th

January 18th

All American (Season 3)

January 20th

21th January

Legacies (Season 3)

January 24th

February 8

Black Lightning (Season 4)

February 23

Superman & Lois (Season 1)

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