We finally know the fate of Stormfront next season


The Stormfront character was a key figure in season 2 of The Boys. Once she landed, the supe managed to steal the show from Homelander before gaining her confidence and burning her wings. Many of us wonder what role she will play in season 3 of The Boys, and the actress who plays the on-screen character, Aya Cash, has agreed to tell us more about it.

Warning: This article contains loot related to Season 2 of The Boys. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know.

Storm front, from glory to doom

Stormfront saw it, captured it, and it fell. Here is a very brief recap of the events of the second season. The Nazi superstar captured the heart of Homelander and shattered it into a thousand pieces when she was burned by her son Ryan (who is also a son on the thirty-sixth degree (real-time bomb). Despite the fact that Stormfront was pretty badly battered and Homelander shed crocodile tears when she saw them in this state, it was unclear whether or not the latter had a chance to recover (and resume their activities).

Right before the end of season two of The Boys, we also offered you an article that explores the fact that Homelander’s relationship with Stormfront was doomed. The last episode of season two somehow proved us right, and Aya Cash, the actress who plays Stormfront on screen, confirmed this in a recent interview. So here we are finally fixated on the fate reserved for Stormfront in season three of The Boys.

The Fate of Stormfront in Season 3 of The Boys

Aya Cash recently interviewed Entertainment Weekly asking about her character’s future on the show. According to the latter, there are currently no plans to bring the character of Stormfront back to the screen. Neither in season 3 nor after. The actress precisely said:

I also want to know if she’s coming back. I’m not on the set of the third season there now. I’m currently working on a new FOX show called This Country. My contract with The Boys was only for a year, so who knows? If the writers have something for me in the future, I’ll be there. I think the Stormfront story was very well told in terms of the arch and what happened, but if they want me to come back I will apply again in the second.

The actress says Eric Kriple could still use digital special effects (CGI) to make his face come back on screen, but on our part, we don’t really believe it. If Aya Cash’s contract only lasted a year, we certainly wouldn’t see Stormfront again for the time being. There may be a couple of flashbacks the character will appear in the upcoming season (along with CGI), but if not, we’ll have to say goodbye to Stormfront for good.

It is currently unknown when the third season of The Boys will be released. In the meantime, we invite you to discover the next series on Amazon Prime superheroes that will hit the platform tomorrow.