We finally know if Amber Heard was fired or not

This weekend, new rumors revived the Amber Heard case. The American actress, who stars in the role of Mera in the film Aquaman 2, continues to face the ire of internet users after her trial with Johnny Depp. The case is far from over, but netizens greeted this weekend to learn that the actress had been fired from filming the film. Rumors that have just been denied.

Bernstein was still listening to Aquaman 2 play

Weeks go by and the Amber Heard affair continues. Recently, Johnny Depp called Elon Musk to re-establish communications between the South African businessman and Amber Heard, suspecting a case of fraud. But over the weekend, Amber Heard’s critics believed they were looking for a spontaneous ending: his release from filming Aquaman 2. Unsubstantiated rumors took off quickly on social media, especially on Twitter.

It has been reported by a trusted source that reports of “Aquaman 2” firing Amber Heard are inaccurate.

February 28, 2021

Rumors stating that his dismissal was associated with inadequate physical form. But these rumors seem to be falsified. And for good reason, if you believe Ryan Parker of the Hollywood Reporter, those rumors would be false. For his part, Parker cites a “reliable source” although no name was shared. With Amber Heard still part of the cast of Aquaman 2, the American actress should travel to London this summer to direct the film. A film slated for December 2022, which is nothing more than the direct sequel to the 2018 DC film.

The Amber Heard / Johnny Depp affair is expected to take a turn in the coming weeks. It remains to be seen which way the scales will tip, as Johnny Depp’s attempts to restore his image have so far been a sword in the water. Nevertheless, internet users do not move. Amber Heard’s dismissal petition has exceeded 1.8 million signatories. A petition that will be useful? Possible.

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