We come back to the very noticeable absence of this fan-adored character


Kaamelott: Premier Volet was released last month and it finally marks the return of our favorite characters to the big screen. What was particularly striking, however, was the lack of a figure: it is Yvain, the Knight of the Lion.

Warning: This article contains some slight spoilers for Kaamelott: Premier Volet. We recommend that you continue reading after watching the movie.

A very noticeable absence

A month after its release, Kaamelott: Premier Volet continues to generate a lot of ink. It must be said that Alexandre Astier’s film, which rewards twelve years of waiting, is the cinematographic event of this summer. At Hitek, we have always come back to specific points that need to be clarified. Today we would like to come back to the noticeable absence of Yvon, the Knight of the Lion.

Yvain, son of Léodagan and Séli, is Guinevere’s brother and therefore Arthur’s brother-in-law. First described as a taciturn boy and poet at the beginning of Book I, Yvain then appears as a young man in the midst of a teenage crisis who is sorely lacking in vocabulary. A deeply hilarious character, especially when wondering about the possibility of swinging a pigeon with a catapult. With Gauvain, Arthur’s nephew, he forms one of the most iconic comic duos in the series, such as Perceval and Karadoc or Guethenoc and Roparzh.

The film Kaamelott: Premier Volet marked the return of many Kaamelott characters and it was obviously inconceivable for Alexandre Astier to bring all characters back over two hours of film, especially since Kaamelott: Premier Volet has the delicate mission of “introducing several new characters”. . However, Yvon’s absence raises questions. On the one hand, because Alexandre Astier has always enjoyed working with his family. In addition to his parents and children, the actor-writer-director visited his half-brother (i.e. Simon Astier) and his stepmother Josée Drevon.

An understandable absence

The first reason one might find Yvon absent is obviously Simon Astier’s schedule. In parallel with Kaamelott, he has developed an exciting personal career, writing the series Off Prime (with Virginie Efira) with Alban Lenoir and the Hero Corp. series with his friend.

Currently, the actor is also very busy having directed a theatrical adaptation of the novel The Speech of Fabcaro (the author of Zai Zai Zai Zai) and developing his new series Visitors, which will be the first French series by WarnerMedia. Given the progress of the project, we can assume that he was immersed in the creation of Visitors during the writing and filming of Kaamelott: Premier Volet.

The second reason that may seem obvious was that Yvain was of no use to Kaamelott’s story: Premier Volet. In the film, we find our characters after they choose to resist or collaborate. However, Yvain occupies a somewhat special position in Kaamelott’s universe: he never perceives anything and is always completely out of step. In Book IV, while the whole castle knows Guinevere’s departure, he is the last character to learn of the absence of his own sister (Book IV, Episode 4). Yvain would therefore have been completely out of step and confronted with characters who strive to withstand the intruder. His inability to make a choice about being in reality could weigh on what is already a very rich history.

Furthermore, on the rare occasions when Yvain does something, it always happens under the direction of his friend Gauvain or under the more coerced of his parents. In Kaamelott: Premier Volet is not only separated from Yvain from Gauvain (who is in Gaunes), but also his parents have given up the resistance, Léodagan prefers to take care of digging the vegetable garden.

Where is Yvain?

So the question is: where is Yvain during Kaamelott’s action: Premier Volet. Two theories come to mind that are complementary. The first is that Lady Séli and Léodagan force him to stay in the Carmélide fortress. As everyone has noticed, despite his desperation, Seli was always very protective of her son and even went so far as to cover up him when he pretended to be sick. Especially since the imprisonment of Guinevere could strengthen the protective side of Seli.

The second theory is that Seli sent Yvain to the Picts, to his family, instead of keeping him at Carmel. As a warrior people, the Picts could undoubtedly defend Yvain, while the Carmelites, like the other kingdoms of the Kingdom of Logres, were disarmed by power.

These two theories (very complementary) could also be important for the continuation of Kaamelott. First, one like the other could bring a new dynamic to the Gauvain / Yvain duo, with the first serving for resistance while the second was hidden by his parents. The second could make it possible to see the Picts for the first time in the next part.

Anyway, we should probably find out the truth about the Yvain case in the Kaamelott Resistance, which covers the period between the end of Book VI and the film Kaamelott: Premier Volet. Don’t hesitate to take our quiz on Kaamelott: Premier Volet and test your knowledge!