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We already know who the new presentation of “5 Para a Midnight” will be

We already know who will be the new moderator of “5 Para a Midnight”

Inês Lopes Gonçalves announced that she would be leaving the project last December without saying who would take on her role.

Inês Lopes Gonçalves left and Miguel Rocha joined.

In the last few years the “5 Para a Meia-Noite” on RTP has seen several changes. Filomena Cautela left the project in June 2020. More than a year later, in December 2021, Inês Lopes Gonçalves announced her departure. The broadcaster guaranteed that the show would return in 2022 with a new face.

“’5 Para a Meia-Noite’ is back at RTP with Miguel Rocha. And the promise of disrespect, surprises and of course more beard remains. With Miguel Rocha, a mess in the house is guaranteed! ”Reveals the broadcaster on Monday, January 3rd.

The comedian is already known to the viewers of the show, as he was a reporter for “5 Para a Midnight”.

Miguel Rocha has not yet spoken publicly about his new role as presenter, but he started the year by saying goodbye to Inês Lopes Gonçalves. “Now I just hope that they had an Inês Lopes Gonçalves like me, who both immediately knocked me to the ground and immediately afterwards held her hand. And since I hadn’t made it public yet, here’s my thanks and appreciation to my professional partner of the year! The trip was good, Inês, ”he wrote on Instagram.

Despite these changes, the talk show format remains with “many guests, many unexpected moments and a lot of nonsense”.


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