We already know how TVI will respond to the premiere of SIC’s new program


It is already known how TVI will approach the debut of the new SIC program

“All Together Now” will have a mega-special this Sunday with the long-awaited summary.

Cristina Ferreira’s show will have a recap

Here comes the long awaited recap of “All Together Now”, Cristina Ferreira’s TVI show. In “Two at 10” the presenter had already told viewers that the summary is coming and admitted that “those who reach the hearts of others come back and there are people who deserve to come back”.

We already knew that this particular episode of the show would be filmed after the 20 semi-finalists were selected. Now 12 candidates who have moved the Portuguese in previous episodes have the opportunity to fight for a place among the remaining semi-finalists of “All Together Now”.

The episode will air on Sunday, May 30th, at the same time as the premiere of the new season of “Quem Quer Namorar Com o Agricultor?”, Which is back on SIC for a fourth season.

Although these two programs are quite different, they are the broadcasters’ bets on the battle for the audience. Cristina Ferreira’s program, which previously competed with Ljubomir Stanisic’s “Hell’s Kitchen”, now has a new accompaniment on Sunday evening. The final of the Yugoslav cooking program will take place immediately after the premiere of the program under the direction of Andreia Rodrigues.