Warner found the perfect way to get theaters completed in 2021 …

The least we can say is that cinemas suffered a lot from this 2020 year. The periods of detention have obviously had a catastrophic economic impact on this sector of the economy, and if we add the fact that the big studios (Disney, Warner, Sony) have decided to postpone their blockbusters, leads to a disastrous result … The recent decision of the Warner- Gruppe is likely to put an extra nail in the coffin of the cinemas.

A disaster for the theater

Blockbusters have left theaters since the coronavirus pandemic exploded. Only Tenet, the last film by Christopher Nolan, which examined the interest of viewers to consume films again in theaters despite the difficult health context, was entitled to a theatrical release. Unfortunately for the Warner Group, Tenet is struggling to make a profit.

While many have praised Warner’s efforts to keep Tenet’s release date, others have mocked or criticized the group’s decision. This is especially true of the chairman of the Sony group, who has ruled that Warner made a mistake in adhering to Tenet’s release date. The Hollywood majors, for their part, have either opted for safety by postponing their film to a later date or by showing it on streaming platforms like Disney, which is making its originally planned film Mulan Room, a Disney + exclusive. To provoke a real outcry in passing …

Warner appears to have taken note of Tenet’s failure and the harsh criticism that sparked Disney’s decision to post Mulan directly on Disney +. In a statement, the group announced that given the health context, all of the films scheduled for 2021 will be released in theaters and on HBO Max at the same time.

Today Warner Bros. Pictures announced that all of the films scheduled for 2021 will be released under a single, consumer-centric consumption model, with the films being released in theaters worldwide as well as being released for a month exclusively on the HBO Max platform.

You will understand, all of the Warner studio films planned for 2021 will be released under this new “consumption model” which Warner calls a hybrid. This applies to blockbusters with a promising future in theaters like Dune, Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad, The Conjuring, Space Jam: Ein neue Erbe, Godzilla vs. Kong or The Many Saints of Newark, the spin-off of the legendary series The Sopranos. Note that Warner announced a few weeks ago that Wonder Woman would be released in 1984 both in theaters and on HBO Max.

This Warner decision will have serious consequences for cinemas. If, at least at first glance, the group seems concerned about showing solidarity with cinemas, we can still question the effectiveness of this model for livelihoods for cinemas. In fact, whoever says simultaneous release in theaters and on HBO Max also says simultaneous release in 1080p of 2021’s biggest hits on illegal download sites. While non-English-speaking European theaters can benefit from redress, as the films are expected to be released in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany before being released in the US and England, the films are quickly being released in VOSTFR on pirate locations.

The Warner move caused a stir on social media, with many criticizing the group’s move.

WARNER BROS will be releasing ALL of their 2021 films in both theaters and on the HBO Max platform.

Among them:
– dune
– Matrix 4
– The suicide squad
– Space Jam (restart)

The halls cry.
The illegal download is delighted. pic.twitter.com/tbRcrlh4TF

3rd December 2020

It’s the earthquake of the evening: Warner Bros. just announced that, according to Wonder Woman 1984, all of these films will be released on HBO Max and in theaters the same day. Enough to feed piracy and deal a heavy blow to cinemas … pic.twitter.com/fbSOTL6mE0

3rd December 2020

Warner Bros. will release all of its 2021 films in addition to theatrical release on HBO Max.

This is :
– totally crazy
– a disaster for France https://t.co/uLyjWMyTpu

3rd December 2020

Warner will be releasing all of his 2021 films in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously. The line between film and television film is blurring before our eyes. https://t.co/SiUuBosyOG

3rd December 2020

Warner Bros. is bringing the Coup de Grace to theaters and is now releasing its films on HBO Max and in theaters simultaneously … illegally dumping the world

ud83e udd21 ud83e udd21 ud83e udd21Disney and Warner KO Theater …

To your VPNs! #Warner #Cinema pic.twitter.com/Rkp7IJMfEg

3rd December 2020

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