WandaVision, Marvels Behind the Mask, A Frozen Tale, new films and series await

Disney + is packed with new products every month, to the delight of its subscribers. January was busy, and so was the next month. And for good reason, the WandaVision range is developed there when a variety of works on Marvel and Disney are added to the catalog. New features you can discover below.

a mess of novelties

The month of February 2021 will be full of novelties, starting with the arrival of La Légende Manolo, an animated film whose universe is obviously reminiscent of Coco. Directed by Jorge Gutiérrez, the film goes to Mexico and, more precisely, to the village of San Angel. On the day of the dead, the deceased go to the afterlife, a tradition that has existed for thousands of years. But one day two gods, La Muerte and Xibalba, bet on the identity of the one who will marry the beautiful Maria. The two competitors Manolo and Jaoquin therefore compete against themselves. Xibalba will play it thin and send a snake to kill Manolo, who then ends up in the world of memory. An exciting adventure follows in which Manolo will try to find his beloved who stayed in the world of the living. The Legend of Manolo is a film for young and old with Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana, Channing Tatum, Christina Applegate and Ron Perlman.

The month of February is also the arrival of the complete Muppet Show. Kermit and his gang are therefore heading in the direction of the Disney + platform to find their audience who are still so loyal despite the years. The series, started in 1976, therefore supports Muppets Now, the restart of this famous work of pop culture. To mark the occasion, Disney + is putting the small dishes with the complete series, including seasons 4 and 5, in the big dishes that have never been broadcast on a streaming platform before. Enough for parents to introduce these classics to the youngest.

February 5th:

Disney My Music Story: YoshikiWicked Tuna: Outer Banks, Season 7WandaVision, Episode 5Disney Upside-Down Magic: This fictional film for the little ones tells the story of Nory and her best friend Reina’s arrival at the magic school. The two friends are separated because of their powers: one masters fire, the other can transform into various extraordinary animals. Exceptional powers that allow him to take part in the UDM or Upside-Down Magic class, a specialty class designed for those who have powers sought by the dark forces. An adventure that mixes magic and darkness based on the literary series by Sarah Mlynowski and Emily Jenkins.

February 12th:

Life Below Zero: The Next Generation, Season 1Marvel Battleworld: The Secret of the Thanostones, Season 1WandaVision, Episode 6 Inside Pixar: Portraits: Second BatchMarvel’s Behind the Mask: A new documentary about the Marvel team will be unloaded on February 12th. A work that will return to the stories and origins of Marvel’s heroes and heroines. But instead of playing the simple map of the scanned story, Marvel’s Behind the Mask has a ton of distinguished guests. Guests who have worked on legendary characters from the Marvel universe, such as Miles Morales, Black Panther, the X-Men, Captain Marvel or even Luke Cage and Ms. Marvel. A documentary by Michael Jacobs.

19th of February:

The Legend of ManoloCheaper by the Dozen (1 and 2) Cheaper by the Dozen 2 The Muppet Show, the Complete Flora & Ulysses WandaVision, Episode 7: This month of February 2021 will obviously be an opportunity for viewers of the WandaVision series to continue viewing its sequel from season 1. Up to one episode per week, Disney + therefore offers a new look at a duo that can be seen in Avengers: Infinity War in particular. An unusual series, far from the classic superhero series. WandaVision uses, among other things, the codes of American sitcoms with Marvel sauce. Quirky entertainment with a fair share of easily overlooked details.

February 26th:

Car Sos, Season 8Disney Channel Games 2008Disney Illuminations Firework ShowDisneyland ParisDisney Pair of Kings, Seasons 1 to 3isney Roll it BackDisney’s American Dragon: Jake Long, Seasons 1 and 2Mickey Go LocalOkavango: River of DreamsSecrets of Sulfur Springs, episodes 1 to 5Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening GalaWandaVision, Episode 8 Myth: A Frozen Story: VR lovers can try a different experience with Myth: A Frozen Story. A short film that delves into the world of Arendelle, a kingdom discovered in Frozen in 2013. The first virtual reality short film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios was directed by Jeff Gipson, a short film fan at Disney.

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