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The Animal Intuition Favor is a aspect quest in God of Struggle Ragnarok undertaken by Kratos and Freya within the Midgard realm. It’s an action-packed aspect quest the place Kratos has to remove a bunch of 4 Kol Raider camps.

This Favor may be activated when gamers go to the Midgard realm and attain an space known as the Lake of 9. As soon as there, the Favor will get mechanically activated every time Kratos engages and clears any one of many 4 Kol Raider camps.


This information will stroll you thru the place to search out every Kol Raider camp within the Animal Intuition Favor, how one can strategy the ultimate boss combat and the rewards for finishing the aspect quest.

God of Struggle Ragnarok: Animal Intuition Favor overview

Deal with a bunch of Kol Raiders and Raider Scouts to complete the Animal Instinct Favor (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
Cope with a bunch of Kol Raiders and Raider Scouts to finish the Animal Intuition Favor (Picture through Santa Monica Studio)

As acknowledged above, the Animal Intuition Favor takes place within the Lake of 9 area of the Midgard realm. This Favor will get mechanically activated as a part of the story when Kratos engages with any one of many Kol Raider camps.

Every Kol Raider camp comes with its personal set of Raiders and Scouts, which gamers should cope with one after the other. Ensure to discover every camp earlier than transferring over to the following for uncommon gadgets and collectibles. Taking down a bunch of Raiders is simple and should not be an excessive amount of of a problem.

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Location of the 4 Kol Raider camps

Location of each Kol Raider camp in the order of West, East, South, and Central. Follow the orange round marker in each image (Images via Santa Monica Studio)
Location of every Kol Raider camp within the order of West, East, South, and Central. Observe the orange spherical marker in every picture (Pictures through Santa Monica Studio)

There are a complete of 4 Raider camps that Kratos wants to wash as much as full the Animal Intuition aspect quest. Right here we’ve compiled a listing of the place to search out every Kol Raider camp:

1) Raider Fort (West)

Head west from the Temple of Tyr, or in different phrases, go to the left-hand aspect of the icy lake. Search for a campfire spewing black smoke. That is the situation of the Raider Fort. Gamers have to climb over a ledge to succeed in the situation.

2) Raider Hideout (East)

The second Kol Raider camp is situated west of the King’s Grave. Go alongside the primary path that ends onto a large wall. There will likely be a cave entrance on the finish of it. That is the Raider Hideout camp that Kratos must take down.

3) Raider Hold (South)

Search for a cave entrance south of Tyr’s Temple embedded with picket spikes. Gamers have to scale over the ledge to find this hidden Kol Raider camp.

4) Raider Stronghold (central)

After clearing the opposite three Kol Raider camps, Kratos will come face-to-face with the Chieftain of the Kol Raider, Olaf Nautson, within the remaining camp, no matter which order gamers select to take the camps down.

The Raiders Stronghold is situated in the course of the Lake of 9. Discover an enormous dome with an entrance subsequent to the elevator that results in the Temple of Tyr.

Learn how to beat Olaf Nautson


To finish the Animal Intuition Favor in God of Struggle Ragnarok, slay the mini-boss named Olaf Nautson, the Chieftain of the Kol Raiders.

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Coping with Olaf Nautson isn’t that onerous. Most of his assaults are predictable, and neither does this boss deal large quantities of health-draining assaults. Olaf Natson largely depends on unlockable slams and heavy strikes from his defend, which regenerates his well being.

Unleash the runic assaults when Olaf turns into slightly dormant after regenerating his well being and dealing a number of blows from his defend. As soon as Olaf is killed, a legendary chest will lie behind him.

Acquire the rewards from the legendary chests and return to the wolves to efficiently full the Animal Intuition Favor.

Animal Intuition Favor rewards

After destroying all 4 Kol Raider camps within the Animal Intuition Favor, Kratos and Freya will likely be rewarded with 1000 XP factors and 250 XP factors, respectively. Along with XP factors, gamers obtain a Token of Elemental Evasion and a Crackle of Bilskirnir. Additionally, finishing the Favor unlocks a trophy named Besties.

This wraps up our information on going about within the Animal Intuition Favor of God of Struggle Ragnarok. Ensure to completely discover every Kol Raider camp for added rewards, uncommon gadgets, and hacksilvers.

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