Voting by post: ballot papers, colored envelopes and signatures | free press


Berlin (dpa) – In the 2017 federal election, the proportion of voters by post was just under 29 percent. Due to the corona pandemic, even more people were able to vote by mail this time.

Eligible lists had to be drawn up by 15 August at the latest, ie by Sunday. So it could – in theory – start sending the voting documents by post next Monday. In practice it works like this:

Who can vote by mail?

Basically all eligible voters, “for no particular reason,” explains the Federal Returning Officer. In 2013, the Federal Constitutional Court confirmed this universal approval of postal voting as constitutional: the authorization of postal voting serves to achieve the highest possible voter turnout, taking into account the principle of the universality of the vote. elections.

How do I get the documents?

Certainly not by requesting it from the Federal Returning Officer – it will be highlighted in color on his website. You can request the documents from the municipality of your main residence. A voting request form, which is mandatory, is attached to the voting message. It should reach voters in early September. However, you don’t have to wait for it. Instead, the Federal Returning Officer advises applying for a ballot paper “as early as possible.” In principle, the deadline for this is the Friday (6 p.m.) before the election date.

What should you pay attention to when filling in?

Ballot paper, ballot paper, ballot paper in blue, ballot paper in red plus information sheet – you will like it all. The information sheet explains how voting by mail works. This is how it works: Tick the first and second vote personally and unnoticed on the ballot paper. pleat. Put it in the blue envelope and seal it. Date the confirmation on an oath rather than on the ballot and – most importantly – sign it. Put the blue envelope with the ballot paper in the red envelope, close it and put it in the letterbox postage free. Or take it to the place indicated on the envelope.

Are you sure the voice will come?

Yes. The red color of the envelopes makes them eye-catching and easy to spot. It had been agreed with Deutsche Post that even election letters that were thrown in the mailbox the day before the election would be delivered on election Sunday, according to the Federal Returning Officer. If you do not succeed in throwing in on time, you can hand in the red envelope on election day at the place indicated here – or have it handed in.

Are more absent votes than ballot box votes invalid?

New. In the last general election, 0.9 percent of the first ballots cast by mail were invalid, compared to 1.4 percent of the votes cast on Election Day. Of the second votes, this was only 0.5 percent (letter) compared to 1.2 (┬Ám).

How many people actually vote by mail?

Since 1957, the proportion of voters by mail has risen from just under 5 to nearly 29 percent in the last federal election. This time it could be more because of the corona pandemic.