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Virologist Kekulé considers FFP2 mask mandatory useful | Free press

Munich (dpa / lby) – Virologist Alexander Kekulé thinks the obligation to wear FFP2 masks in public transport and retail makes sense in principle. In Bavaria, such masks will be mandatory in all shops, buses, metros and suburban trains from Monday.

Other states are considering following this example. “Of course, an FFP2 mask is much safer than mouth and nose protection, which is often worn very loosely,” said the dpa professor at the University of Halle-Wittenberg.

Lots of people thronged in a tight space, especially on public transportation, Kekulé said. With an FFP2 mask, the risk of infection is significantly reduced. “But it also makes sense in many small bakeries, precisely because there is sometimes no proper ventilation.” At-risk patients should always wear an FFP2 mask in enclosed spaces with several people.

However, he is concerned whether such masks will be accepted by all citizens. “Many have lovingly sewn or bought expensive cloth masks and should suddenly switch to FFP2 masks,” said the virologist. He also feared a rush to pharmacies and shops selling the masks.

FFP2 masks can only protect against coronavirus infection if they are tight. “Cheap masks often don’t close properly on the nose,” said Kekulé. The brace over the nose must be pressed firmly with both hands so that air can only escape through the mask.

“Once the FFP2 mask is slightly damp, it should be replaced immediately. That is even more important than with a simple mouth and nose protection ”, Kekulé emphasizes. For example, if you queue in front of a store in the rain or snow, you may need to change your mask just before entering the store.

The masks in public space are not the biggest problem at the moment. The number of cases is still so high because there are still massive outbreaks in retirement and nursing homes, the virologist said. At home, infected people are usually not isolated and infect the entire household. He also advocates stricter rules in the workplace, such as wearing mouth and nose protection.

“There are also more and more people who don’t follow the rules because they don’t understand them anymore,” said Kekulé. “In order to take these people along, politicians have to justify their measures in an understandable way.”


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