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“Virgin River”: The light series that became a huge hit on Netflix

“Virgin River”: The light series that became a huge hit on Netflix

It’s one of the most watched in recent times and is already talking about a third season, although it hasn’t been confirmed.

Mel and Jack, the protagonists

What makes a light Netflix series that premiered in 2019 and the difficult current moment we experience together? Maybe not much, but maybe because of that there are more reasons to see it.

One of the most watched productions on the streaming platform in Portugal in the last few days is “Virgin River”. This project, based on the books by Robyn Carr, tells the story of Mel (played by Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse who believes that after the death of her daughter and husband, she needs a turning point in her life.

For this reason, he decides to move from the metropolis of Los Angeles to a small village in the interior of the same state of California, where he goes to work.

Of course, not all of Mel’s ideas about life in a small town are realistic. In the middle he experiences several adventures, among which he meets Jack (Martin Henderson), for whom he feels a certain attraction.

Still, the couple will not have an easy life, especially if other people are involved and rumors or rumors spread easily in a medium of this dimension.

Although there are no great heroes or familiar faces in this work, the success around the world has been great. The story could happen at any time, and it’s the classic novel in which one or the other setback happens, both with the protagonists and with parallel stories. Yet those who begin to see say they cannot stop.

This turns out to be a light and easy-to-spot series, one of the reasons that could be responsible for its presence in the platform trends. It so happens that if there is one thing we need right now, it is some romantic and easy stories that will make us forget this atypical 2020 for even a few minutes.

The second season of the series came out in November, and there is already talk of a third, although Netflix has not officially confirmed this. Even so, the story continues in the books and by the end of season two everything was open.


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