Video of rocking Taliban goes viral in Afghanistan | free press


The war in Afghanistan has robbed an entire generation of childhood fun. Now a video has gone viral showing the Taliban frolicking in a children’s playground. A funny and deeply sad face at the same time.

Kabul (AP) – A video of the Taliban on playground swings sparked a stir in Afghanistan. “Rot faster, faster, whow, whow!” Calls a fighter to his rocking comrades.

“This park is now ours,” he continues. The Afghan government enjoyed many picnics. “Now it’s our turn.”

It was initially unclear where and when the video, which was widely shared on the internet, was recorded. Hundreds of Afghans commented on it on social media. Many wrote that the video was proof that decades of war in the country had robbed an entire generation of the country’s simple childhood pleasures. Others criticized the Taliban’s sympathy. Because of the Islamists, millions of Afghans live in fear every day and are nowhere safe.

The Taliban are advancing

The security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated dramatically with the beginning of the withdrawal of international troops from the country. About a quarter of the country’s districts have been in the hands of Islamists since early May. Hundreds of guards were killed, wounded, imprisoned or forced to surrender.

Now the Islamists are also advancing to provincial capitals. Until now, however, these have been defended by the Afghan security forces. US President Joe Biden said the withdrawal of US troops should end by the end of August. The Bundeswehr left the country at the end of June.

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