Video game meets real life in this epic martial art work

Solo Leveling was started in South Korea in 2016 and is a work that transports its readers into a strange world, similar to ours, but in which mysterious portals have appeared. This is where dangerous creatures hide and humanity must get rid of them. A task for people with special skills, called “hunters”. Sung Jinwoo is one of them, although his journey is turned upside down.

Solo leveling © DUBU (REDICE STUDIO), Chugong, H-Goon 2018 / D & C WEBTOON Biz

a colorful work of art for adults

Solo leveling, adapted to Webtoon and then to the French version, must land in the best bookstores in physical format from April 7, 2021. This work, edited by Kbooks, will join the very closed club of Korean works that have been adapted in French. Solo leveling, scheduled for April, will coincide with the release of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Go ahead, a love story slated for June. A club that will grow over the months. Six more titles are planned for 2021 alone. A club that is growing rapidly, a godsend for lovers of Korean works. If Sung Jinwoo returns to solo leveling before considering a possible love affair, he must survive first.

Solo leveling © DUBU (REDICE STUDIO), Chugong, H-Goon 2018 / D & C WEBTOON Biz

Although not very talented, the young man can be called a “hunter”. This term refers to people who have developed skills to hunt the monsters created by the mysterious rifts around the world. In spite of everything, Sung Jinwoo is a low-ranking hunter, the lowest in fact. But during a raid like no other, the hunter becomes a “player”.

However, this unique name designates only one being in this universe: the one who is able to reach levels. With each increase in level, the player gains strength. At the same time, it can become increasingly difficult to take out monsters, forcing him to constantly evolve. Sung Jinwoo used to be an E rank hunter and will become the most important hunter in the world. The defender of humanity will have to do everything possible to defend his people against adversity.

Solo leveling © DUBU (REDICE STUDIO), Chugong, H-Goon 2018 / D & C WEBTOON Biz

On the menu: epic battles, a world based on video games and their dictations, but also numerous bloodshed. The deaths follow one another in Solo Leveling and unfortunately Sung Jinwoo has to look at them before trying to avoid them. A colorful work for adults, the first 224 pages of which will be available this Wednesday, April 7th, 2021. Volume 2 is already planned for June. Solo leveling is a real hit in Japan and has garnered over a million reads on the Picoma platform. It was even named “Best Webtoon of 2019” by Picoma, the year it was released in the Japanese archipelago. Each of his adaptations were a real success, so Solo Leveling didn’t wait long for the West to take over.

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