Vasco Palmeirim is the public figure who arouses more empathy among the Portuguese


Vasco Palmeirim is the public figure that Portuguese people like most

Youtuber Bernardo Almeida was also highlighted according to the market test study.

Vasco Palmeirim is the personality who creates the greatest empathy among the Portuguese

According to the study “Public Figures and Digital Influencers 2021” carried out by Marktest, Vasco Palmeirim is the Portuguese personality who creates the greatest empathy among the Portuguese.

The study was conducted using a scale of 1 (it is not identified) to 10 (it is very identified). The presenter of “Joker” and announcer of Rádio Comercial dethroned for the first time the comedian Ricardo Araújo Pereira, who was at the top of the list for four years in a row. The top 5 then consist of Vasco Palmeirim (7.40), Ricardo Araújo Pereira (7.18), Cristiano Ronaldo (7.14), César Mourão (7.08) and Daniela Ruah (7.04).

62 personalities were presented in the study. 50 of them had an empathy greater than 5.5. Only 12 registered an index below this value.

The study also included personalities from the digital world. In this area, Youtuber Bernardo Almeida was the one with the highest empathy and identification value with 7.57. The top 5 also have Diogo Batáguas, Pedro Teixeira da Mota, Vanessa Alfaro and Bumba na Fofinha, all with points over seven.

In terms of notoriety, Pipoca Mais Doce was the digital personality most referenced when asked about blogs, vlogs, bloggers, or Youtubers they know or have heard of, with 35.5 percent of responses , followed by Bumba on Fluffy (13 percent) and Wuant (11.8 percent)

The Marktest study consisted of 1201 interviews and has a confidence rate of 95 percent. The information was collected through an online interview (Cawi system) based on a structured self-filling questionnaire consisting of closed and open-ended questions and took place between February 8th and March 4th.