Validated in all respects or almost after several hours of play

This Friday, January 8th, 2021, the Monster Hunter Rise demo was released. After 30 tests, fans of the license can therefore try their hand at the next installment of the license, which was specially developed for the Nintendo Switch. We got a try a few days in advance, enough time to defeat the monsters in this demo many times as we explored this open area. And after a few hours of play, the verdict is clear: The horizon for Monster Hunter Rise is clear.

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After a Monster Hunter World that is particularly popular on home consoles, Capcom is taking over the management of portable consoles with Monster Hunter Rise. Monster Hunter Rise, the first work developed for the Nintendo Switch, was presented in a demo limited to 30 test versions before its time. Four activities are featured: a tutorial, a mode to learn how to ride wyverns, a quest for beginners against the Grand Izuchi, and an intermediate quest to face the Mizutsune. All 14 guns are there, with equipment with similar stats for this demo so nobody gets hurt.

And after a few hours to explore the unique area, Monster Hunter Rise presents itself as the perfect mix between Monster Hunter World and the portable opuses of the saga. An open world with no loading time between areas enhanced by the presence of filter filters and insects, thanks to which you can move freely and easily. These insects also introduce combos that are specific to each weapon. What to plan your fight according to your available Filoptères, up to 3 at a time, which you prefer to keep to attack, defend or flee. Another new feature is the Wyvern Ride, which is triggered when you dodge or attack the monster with Filoptera attacks. Unexpectedly, it offers an original way to inflict severe damage on a monster by hurling it into a cliff or another monster.

Monster Hunter Rise focuses its gameplay on exploration, arranging different creatures here and there that add to your life, defense, or even attack if you pass nearby. Bonuses that you can collect on the back of Chumsky, the unique canine companion for this work. Although the battles are more dynamic than the old portable console games, they remain a bit slower than World’s, due to a slower animation desired, which is likely nearing the beginnings of the saga.

The game takes full advantage of the power of Nintendo Switch for a sleek and smoother experience with no FPS swings. Monster Hunter Rise pulls out of the game by going back to basics, sublimated by a desire to improve the saga. Yes, find the license codes while enjoying a deserved discount on the flavor of the day. Despite everything, that premature experience was tarnished by a clumsy monster hitbox that caused problems for certain weapons like the Insect Glaive or even certain filopterous attacks like one of the Gunshot.

Even so, Monster Hunter Rise presents itself here in a promising light with this enviable demo. See you in March to discover the final version that will hopefully be in the successful continuity of their demo. And who knows, Capcom may offer to confront the Magnamalo in a second demo.

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