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Despite ample supplies and vaccination incentives, US President Joe Biden missed his July vaccination target of 70 percent of all adults. Now it may soon be the case: the rate has risen to 69.9 percent.

Washington (dpa) – Given the rapidly increasing number of new corona infections, significantly more people in the US have recently been vaccinated again. The vaccination campaign had stalled since June and only about half a million injections were administered per day.

However, the trend has now been reversed by the new corona wave, which is attributed to the highly contagious delta variant. On Sunday, 816,000 vaccinations were given, including 517,000 primary vaccinations, a senior White House official wrote on Twitter. The latest data showed a “steady rise,” Cyrus Shahpar said.

The official said vaccination rates in recent days were well above those of the week before. For example, there were 712,000 cans on Saturday, an increase of 77 percent compared to the week before (403,000). Friday saw a 43 percent increase. In April, more than three million doses had been administered daily.

The number of new infections registered weekly on average per day, which temporarily fell to 11,000 in June, is now back at 72,000. The number of new infections is increasing nationwide, but states with lower vaccination rates are especially affected, including Louisiana and Florida.

In the US, nearly 50 percent of the population of about 330 million people have so far been fully vaccinated and about 58 percent have received at least the first injection. US President Joe Biden had set a goal in the spring that by July 4 National Day, 70 percent of adults should have received at least the first vaccination. The target was missed despite ample supplies and vaccination incentives, it was only 67 percent. Well, about a month later it should be soon: the most recent increase brought the percentage among adults to 69.9 percent.

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