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Berlin (dpa) – The number of corona infections is increasing, the willingness to vaccinate is declining – so concepts are desperately sought to convince those hesitant about a vaccination.

Left faction leader Dietmar Bartsch argues for a vaccination bonus of 50 euros, the head of CSU Bundestag member Alexander Dobrindt recommends vaccination stations for travelers at airports and train stations.

The subject should also occupy Chancellor Angela Merkel and state prime ministers as they discuss measures on Tuesday to contain a fourth wave of pandemics. It can also be mentioned that the legal status of the epidemic situation in Germany will expire in September.

CSU regional group leader Dobrindt reacted cautiously to an extension attempt by SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz. “There is no automatism for an extension of the epidemic situation,” Dobrindt told the German news agency. “We will examine the contamination process in the coming weeks and then decide on the appropriate measures in the Bundestag.” At an event organized by the German editorial network, Federal Finance Minister Scholz said certain rules to protect against corona are still necessary. “And for that we need a legal framework.”

Bartsch for center vouchers

To boost vaccination readiness, Bartsch told Funke media group newspapers: “All citizens who have been vaccinated can get a 50 euro city center voucher for restaurants or shops.” However, the vouchers may expressly not be redeemed online. “That would be an economic stimulus package of three to four billion euros for the inner cities that have suffered badly from Corona.” In Saxony, people who have been vaccinated already receive special vouchers and discounts.

Dobrindt was in general in favor of increasing the number of low-threshold vaccination offers. “I propose to keep not only testing stations, but also vaccination stations ready for newcomers,” he told Funke newspapers. “At airports and train stations, unvaccinated travelers should get a vaccination offer quickly and easily.”

Incidence increasing faster than in 2020

At about 20 per 100,000 inhabitants per week, new infections are still at a low level but are continuously increasing and are already higher than a year ago when the heavy third wave followed. Just under 54 percent of the population received the necessary vaccinations for full protection on Thursday morning, according to the Robert Koch Institute. However, the amount of daily doses has fallen roughly to levels seen in early April when vaccine deliveries kicked off and the campaign kicked off – only now demand is well below supply. However, all relevant politicians have ruled out mandatory vaccination.

Some also expect a growing willingness to vaccinate if the earlier free tests have to be paid for in the future. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) proposed this before mid-October to all those who do not take the opportunity to get vaccinated, although there is nothing medically against it. Dobrindt would like to wait until November with the payment obligation, as he said. Because if you get your first vaccination in the next four weeks, you’ll need six weeks until the second dose and two more until it’s fully effective.

GPs: ‘Communicative chaos’

The president of the General Practitioners Association, Ulrich Weigeldt, blames the political communication on the declining willingness to vaccinate. This “is no wonder and is certainly partly due to the conflicting political reports about individual vaccines and the campaign,” he told the “Passauer Neue Presse”. “The communicative chaos has certainly contributed to the fact that the vaccination campaign is currently not going as expected.”

He was skeptical about the improvement of vaccinated people, as proposed by the Federal Ministry of Health as a measure against an increasing number of infections. “I’m quite skeptical about that,” he said. “I think you’d rather try to convince and entice people.”

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