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Rome (AP) – Pope Francis spoke in a television interview about personal and global changes brought about by the corona pandemic and announced that he would be vaccinated against Covid-19.

“We need to get out of the crisis better and think of others,” said the head of the Catholic Church in the conversation that was broadcast on Italian TV channel Tg5 on Sunday. Francis called for a culture of closeness and community, not just thinking about oneself.

He described the fact that, despite lockdowns, in 2020 people went to sea to go on vacation as a “scandal”. But he also understands that it is currently difficult for many families to live in the apartment at home. In the Vatican, the Pope wanted to be vaccinated against Covid-19. “We are going to start this next week, and I have also registered for it,” said the 84-year-old. From an ethical point of view, everyone should get vaccinated, because you not only play with your life, but also that of others.

In this context, Francis was referring to his childhood. At the time, polio is said to have paralyzed many boys and girls. People would have craved a vaccine. There were so many desperate mothers, Francis said.

Then you grew up on vaccines against measles, for example. “I don’t understand why some say no, the vaccine is dangerous,” said the Argentinian. “There is a suicidal refusal that I cannot explain, but you should get vaccinated today,” he said.

When it comes to abortion, Francis continues to reject it. This is not a religious problem, but a human problem. He criticized the fact that there are people who abort their children because they don’t want them. “Eliminating a lifetime to solve a problem is not fair,” said Francis.

Very recently he also spoke about the chaotic scenes in the American capital Washington a few days ago. Francis condemned the violence during the storming of the Capitol. The lawsuits should be dismissed, he said. There are always those who take a path against community, democracy and the common good.

The Pope warned to learn from such a case. Such groups are not well integrated into society. Sooner or later, violence will erupt, such as Wednesday when supporters of elected US President Donald Trum demonstrated in Washington’s political center and some raided the Capitol.

During his traditional Angelus prayer on Sunday afternoon, Francis prayed for the victims who had died in the events in Washington. Nothing is gained by force, everything is lost, Francis said in his speech after the catechesis.

And how did Corona change the Pope’s daily life? “I’ll take life as it comes,” said Francis. He prays and calls more. “I am satisfied,” he said at the end.

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