Vaccinated Americans hope to travel to Europe soon | Free press


In an interview, European Commission President von der Leyen announced that the entry ban for Americans would be lifted. She did not say how the freedom of travel could be specifically regulated.

Brussels / New York (dpa) – EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has given Americans hope that they will soon be traveling to Europe.

In an interview with the New York Times, she said that Americans who have been fully vaccinated against Corona could likely visit the countries of Europe again this summer. “As far as I can see, Americans are using vaccines that are also approved by the EMA – the European Medicines Agency,” she said. “This will allow freedom of movement and travel to the European Union.”

However, von der Leyen did not provide precise details about when there could be tourism freedom again and under what conditions. This depends on the development of the pandemic, “but the situation will improve in the US and hopefully in the European Union as well”.

To make travel within the EU easier, the European Commission proposed in March to introduce a travel certificate. The document aims to document vaccinations, the results of approved tests and information on surviving infections and to be recognized across the EU. A spokesman for the European Commission stressed that they are in contact with the US about how the planned EU system could work with a US system.

At the same time, work is underway to update the recommendations for entry from non-EU countries with a view, among other things, to progressive vaccination.

Already at the start of the pandemic, almost all EU countries had imposed drastic entry restrictions. Accordingly, all non-compulsory entries are prohibited in all EU countries except Ireland, as well as in the non-EU countries Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. There are only exceptions for a few countries – the US is not one of them.

However, some EU countries, such as Greece, deviate from the recommendations. Entry from the US is now allowed again without quarantine. However, the spokesman for the European Commission said it should be better avoided going it alone.

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