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US wants to make vaccination a condition for admission | free press

Since last year, a strict entry ban for Europeans has been in place in the United States because of the pandemic. This could change with the introduction of a proof of vaccinations. Details are still unclear.

Washington (dpa) – According to media reports, the U.S. government plans to require proof of full coronavirus vaccination from nearly all foreigners entering the country in the future.

The introduction of this system should also lift current entry restrictions for people from Europe and other countries, the New York Times reported, citing White House circles. There is therefore no specific timetable for the introduction of the obligation to provide proof.

The practical implementation of the plan would also be relatively unclear, including the question of which vaccination certificates should be recognised. According to reports, it has not yet been decided whether the US authorities will only accept vaccinations with preparations that are also approved in the US. An alternative would be to make the World Health Organization (WHO) approval as a benchmark. So far, only vaccines from manufacturers Moderna, Pfizer/Biontech and Johnson & Johnson have been approved in the US.

Strict entry ban

Due to the pandemic, a far-reaching American entry ban has been in place for people from Europe since last year. The only exceptions are US citizens and some other groups of people, such as close relatives of Americans, diplomats and employees of international organizations. Entries from China, South Africa and Brazil are also limited to exceptions. All passengers must be able to show a negative corona test upon entry into the US.

In June, the European Union added the United States to its list of third countries that should no longer have strict entry restrictions. The EU therefore calls on Washington to lift the restrictions quickly. “We insist that there are similar rules in both directions for people entering the country,” Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, recently told the German editorial network. The epidemiological situation in the US and in the EU is very similar today. “We need to solve the problem as soon as possible and are in touch with our American friends,” emphasized von der Leyen. “That shouldn’t take weeks.”


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