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US security law sanctions in Hong Kong | free press

The democratic movement in Hong Kong is under enormous pressure. Since China’s security law was passed a year ago, repression has intensified. The US wants to help with sanctions.

Washington (AP) – The US government has pledged support to the pro-democracy opposition in Hong Kong and has imposed sanctions on seven Chinese government officials.

They are deputy directors of the Chinese government’s liaison office in Hong Kong, the US State Department announced on Friday. The basis is an order from then-US President Donald Trump last year, which includes sanctions against people who implement the controversial Chinese security law in Hong Kong. All property of those affected in the United States will be frozen.

At the same time, the US government warned companies that doing business in Hong Kong poses increasing risk. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced on Friday, ahead of the security law passed more than a year ago, that government officials from China and Hong Kong have been systematically undermining democratic institutions ever since.

Thousands of people were arrested when pro-democracy protests began in Hong Kong in 2019. The Hong Kong authorities had launched a political campaign against the free press. “Today we send a clear message that the United States is firmly on the side of the Hong Kong people.”

The security law targets activities that Beijing deems subversive, separatist, terrorist or conspirators. The authorities are increasingly cracking down on the democratic movement in the former British Crown Colony.


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