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US Secret Services: Putin stood up for Trump | Free press

According to US intelligence services, the Russian rulers would have regarded Biden’s election victory as “detrimental to Russian interests”. Putin is said to have campaigned for Donald Trump in the US elections.

Washington (AP) – In the US elections in November, Russia stood up for then-President Donald Trump, according to the US secret services, and tried to harm his challenger Joe Biden and stir up strife in the country.

President Vladimir Putin and his government have “approved and carried out” the attempt to influence, according to a report released Tuesday by the office of intelligence coordinator Avril Haines.

Russia relied on its secret service, state media, internet trolls and allies in Ukraine for its campaign. One of Moscow’s main strategies was to accuse Biden and his family of corruption related to Ukraine. Russian agents had also targeted Americans associated with the Trump administration to demand the opening of an investigation against Biden. There have also been attempts to manipulate Trump officials and media into this, it said.

Russia focused on disinformation in 2020 but, unlike the 2016 elections, did not attempt to directly undermine the US electoral infrastructure.

Moscow wanted to “influence the public perception of the candidates in the US” and pursue the long-term goal of “undermining confidence in the US electoral system and increasing the social divisions of the people in America,” it said. Russia saw Biden’s election victory as “damaging to Russian interests”. China, on the other hand, tried not to influence the elections.

Iran also allegedly tried to influence the election campaign, according to the report. Tehran was about reducing the chances of Trump’s reelection and increasing divisions in American society, it said. Iran also did not directly attack electoral infrastructure.

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