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US plans G7 switch to Afghanistan for next week | free press

Washington (AP) – Due to the current situation in Afghanistan, the heads of state and government of the G7 countries want to advise in a video conference, US President Joe Biden said.

The White House announced Tuesday that Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would have agreed to move to next week. The online summit of the group of seven major industrialized countries in the coming week should discuss a common strategy and approach to the crisis in Afghanistan, it said.

Taliban seize power

The Taliban have now taken back power in Afghanistan – nearly 20 years after the start of the US-led operation in Afghanistan. Biden had announced last month that all US troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of August. This accelerated the advance of the Taliban enormously. Last Sunday, militant Islamists took the capital, Kabul.

The White House went on to say that Biden and Johnson spoke on the phone about the need for allies and Democratic partners to continually align their policies toward Afghanistan. So are the ways in which the international community can provide humanitarian aid to refugees from Afghanistan. The US President and British Prime Minister also praised the courage and professionalism of their military and civilian workers in Afghanistan.

So far hardly any international discussions

The phone call with Johnson was probably Biden’s first conversation with a head of state or government of another country about Afghanistan. Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon that the US president had not yet discussed the issue with another head of state.

After the Taliban took power, many Afghans now fear a return to the reign of terror of the Islamists of the 1990s. Women were excluded from public life at the time. The ideas of the Islamists were enforced with barbaric punishments. Many Afghans who have worked for the government, armed forces or foreigners fear possible retaliation from the Islamists.

The airport in the capital Kabul is now under the control of the US military. The American soldiers must guarantee the safety of the airport and organize the evacuation of, among others, Americans and former Afghan employees of the American armed forces who fear for their lives. In addition to the United States and Great Britain, the G7 countries also include Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Canada.


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