US invest billions in the fight against mutants | Free press


Variants of the coronavirus make it difficult to contain the pandemic. The US government now wants to expand genome sequencing to better track the spread of mutants.

Washington (AP) – US President Joe Biden’s administration is investing $ 1.7 billion in the fight against coronavirus variants.

The funds come from the Corona stimulus package that Biden’s Democrats decided in Congress in March, as the White House announced today. The investment was to support the CDC health authority and state governors in monitoring, tracking and controlling coronavirus mutants, for example by expanding the genome sequence.

The original coronavirus variant is now only found in about every second case of infection in the US. “New and potentially dangerous strains of the virus make up the other half,” the statement said. Most of the resources now released should flow to genome sequencing, which can identify new variants.

At the beginning of February, U.S. labs had only subjected about 8,000 strains of coronavirus per week to such genome sequencing, the White House said. This number has now risen to 29,000 and should be further increased with the new funds. Variants must be recognizable before they spread. Biden has made the fight against the coronavirus one of his most important tasks.

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