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Floyd’s violent death by police officers sparked mass protests against police brutality and racism across the country. Now the US House of Representatives has decided to reform the police force.

Washington (AP) – More than nine months after the death of African American George Floyd during a brutal police operation in the United States, the US House of Representatives approved extensive police reforms.

A majority in the Democrat-dominated Chamber of Parliament approved the bill named after George Floyd. 220 congressmen voted in favor, 212 against.

Among other things, the law states that the federal government creates incentives to prohibit strangulation during police operations. Police officers’ immunity should be limited to facilitate prosecution for the use of force. In addition, a national database for police behavior will be set up under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice. This is to make it more difficult for violent police officers to hire other police authorities after their release.

In a next step, the Senate must approve the bill. It remains to be seen whether there will be the necessary majority. Democratic US President Joe Biden supports the law. The White House announced on Monday that trust must be restored between the police and the population to create security. “We cannot restore this confidence if we do not hold police officers accountable for abuse of power and take action against systemic misconduct – and systemic racism – in the police force.”

The unarmed Floyd was killed in a brutal arrest in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25. His death sparked mass protests against police brutality and racism across the country. The trial of the alleged main culprit starts next Monday.

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