US Congress votes in favor of intelligence agency over Capitol attack | Free press

On January 6, supporters of then-President Donald Trump stormed the seat of the United States Congress in Washington. It has now been decided to set up a commission of inquiry into the violent attack.

Washington (AP) – More than four months after the violent storming of the Capitol, the House of Representatives has decided to set up a committee of inquiry into the attack.

The Congress Chamber voted by a majority of Democrats and against opposition from large sections of the Republican faction to establish such a body. However, it is unclear whether the necessary majority for this will also be achieved in the second Chamber of Congress, the US Senate.

Supporters of then-President Donald Trump stormed the seat of the United States Congress in Washington on January 6. Five people died, including a Capitol policeman. Trump had to undergo impeachment before the attack because he had previously incited his supporters in a speech. At the end of the trial, the Republican was acquitted.

In the Homeland Security Committee of the House of Representatives, Democrats and Republicans agreed a few days ago to set up a committee of inquiry into the January 6 attack. The Commission should therefore have the right to call witnesses and request information classified as secret. The question is whether the committee will actually come. That should also be approved by the Senate – and there the Democrats depend on support from the ranks of the Republicans.

Shortly after the bipartisan committee-level agreement, Republican leaders in both houses of Congress, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, opposed the creation of such a committee, arguing, among other things, that there were already sufficient investigations elsewhere in Congress and by law enforcement officers. agencies. In the Senate, many Republicans are likely to follow the line of their leadership.

The leader of the Senate Democratic majority, Chuck Schumer, accused the Republican leadership of sabotaging the reassessment of the attack. Behind this lies the “shameful” desire to protect Trump. Trump had called on his Republicans to vote against the panel.

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