US Capitol: Police examine vehicle for possible bomb | free press


After an “active bomb threat”, the US Capitol police evacuated several buildings of the House of Representatives as a precaution.

Washington (AP) – The United States Capitol Police are investigating a suspected vehicle for a possible bomb. The public should avoid the area in front of the Library of Congress, police said on Twitter on Thursday.

It was the investigation into an “active bomb threat,” it said. According to US media reports, several buildings in the parliamentary complex have been evacuated as a precaution. The two chambers of the United States Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives, are currently on summer vacation.

A man drove a truck to the Library of Congress that morning and stopped there, according to a Capitol Police press conference. The driver told police he had a bomb. You are now negotiating a “peaceful solution” with the man. The man’s motive is unknown at this time.

Videos appeared on the net that are supposed to show the man in the vehicle. Police have not confirmed the authenticity of the videos. The videos show a man sitting in a car and filming himself. He asked President Joe Biden to speak on the phone. He also spoke about Afghanistan, patriots and a revolution.