Update on rumors that Mappa is throwing in the towel after criticism


The fourth season of Attack on Titan has been talking a lot and we will have to wait a few long months now to see the rest of this final season. The ending of the manga has already been revealed by Hajime Isayama, but the anime that just avoided the loot still doesn’t know and is eager to find out. Only here: Many rumors in the last few days confirm that Studio Mappa has thrown in the towel and will not realize the second part of this 4th season. We take stock of this issue.

Critics Against Studio Mappa

In 2020 we learned that MAPPA Studio would acquire Wit Studio to direct the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan. From the meager information we have on the subject, the producers themselves made this decision to mark a real turning point for the final act. So an appeal was tabled, but nobody dared to answer it, except of course Mappa! However, despite the job well done, this fourth season was criticized by many SNK fans who at times felt that the animation wasn’t good enough.

Thanks to Mappa Studio for destroying one of the best fights in Attack on Titan, even the trailer looked better animated pic.twitter.com/qpYm9bFI3e

January 17, 2021

Mappa doesn’t deserve an attack on titans, you liked the episode because the story is amazing but the joke would have done 100 times better # snksaison4 #MAPPA #witstudio

January 17, 2021

It is still sad to believe that Mappa had the least success in attacking the TITANS, namely the TITANS pic.twitter.com/6HzijSMxaD

February 23, 2021

How can a fandom be so rude and embarrassing pic.twitter.com/dE3W2boRls

January 17, 2021

How can a fandom be so rude and embarrassing?

Studio MAPPA was the only studio brave enough to take on season four of Attack on Titan, but was faced with a wave of nasty comments, leaving the people running the season four OST as well as those running took care of the animation, they were victims of social harassment and even threats. This affair sparked great debates in the Twittosphere and this is certainly the reason for the rumors circulating at this moment about the second part of the fourth season of SNK.

Rumors about the Mappa studio throwing in the towel

There are currently several rumors circulating on the Internet that the Mappa studio has thrown in the towel after the criticism it received earlier. As proof, internet users prepare themselves with a fake screenshot. This is a fake Twitter post from the Wakanim platform that in reality never said anything like this:

A lot of the same type of news is currently circulating on social networks, so today we are speaking to confirm that neither the Mappa studio nor Wakanim have communicated anything that goes in that direction. Studio Mappa previously made a commitment to wrap up this fourth season and at the moment everything indicates that it is indeed on the line. This is a great way to reassure your friends who believed in the deception. These are fake posts that are just meant to encourage you to share.

And you, on your side, were you finally convinced by the animation of the first part of the fourth season? We’ll let you take part in our survey as well as in the comments section.